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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Official....I'm a Landlady.

Of all the places that this little guy could have decided to move his mate to and start a family....(and did I mention I have gotten to know him -and his neighbors-quite well????)
"You Lookin at ME????"
"What!!! What do you want????"
"If I don't look at her...she might pack that camera in and leave.... nope...she is climbing into the kid's treehouse....what a nut!"
This nest blows me is on top of the birdhouse in the peak of the roof of our garage. It is right beside the tree house...and has been built and the bossy little Wren in the garden...not only filled the house below it with twigs up to the rafters...but she tried to rip apart the robin's nest you see here!!! (the hag)

She's rebuilding like a trooper...and the sparrows next door are singing like a choir!
....She's been sitting here now for about 4 days...with only short little breaks...she doesn't seem to mind my visits...and her mate watches me weed the garden...and follows my watering very He loves the sprinkler too...
Last night we had a horrible loud thunderstorm....I spent the whole time worrying about my little family in the nest on top of the birdhouse on the garage...I wonder if she is nervous to be sitting support for her nest...and it is on a slight angle...I know I am I needed another life to worry about right? I can hardly wait for the babies...then I will be guarding this nest from the millions of cats that are using my yard as a littler box...and hiding out in my greenhouse...yea...I need a cat trap...but instead I am using my broom...and jet shot on the garden hose!