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Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing Outside! Tootsie Style.

It was a lazy weekend around my house. I did not want to go too far from home until I have had this tooth removed and all threats of infection and pain were we stayed home. On Saturday I decided to catch up on some yard work -A.K.A. weeding, and a few other things. Come -I'll show you!Remember this photo? It is of the front of my house a couple of weeks ago. The reason I show you this, is for you to see the Virginia Creeper growing up the posts and around the front Porch.
Now...if you look really hard, you can see a sad excuse for one of those plants trying to grow inside the greenhouse on that arch over the desk. It is just not doing as well as I had hoped it would inside. So-I started scheming while I was weeding. During a weeding "break"- I got busy and this is what happened to that sad plant inside...
It got moved outside!!! I have always wanted to put something over the gate...I even tried to get a climbing rose to grow on the downspout...but to no avail (obviously)
I think I like what I see..! I can hardly wait until it fills in like the ones in the front yard!!!
But it sure looks empty in here now! It took a lot of effort to get that arch out of the greenhouse...Tootsie here forgot how tall it was compared to the hanging bars, and the hooks, and yes-the doorway...but as I have proven to myself over and over again...where there's a will there is a way!
Then...I was energized!!! To heck with the rest of the weeding!!! Lets PLAY (Tootsie style)!
There used to be some impatiens growing in a pot that sat inside this urn...they had an issue with some frost and are no more...did I mention we are expecting frost tonight???? YEA...welcome to Alberta! Anyway, I had this little turtle bird bath sitting in the garage...I know it is a tad bit tacky, but I thought I might as well try to use it somewhere...
And ....then I made this! (but not before I did some more is almost done) That thing on top as a finial...IS A SOLAR LIGHT!
The silver one that I had did not work, so I had to change it up....and then paint it all a hammered grey. Here is is in the evening when the light turned on!
I got so excited...that I had to make a couple more! I am getting to be a pro at making them...I only used one screw to make the solar light one! I used grommets instead of nuts and bolts! Sneaky aren't I????? lol
And ...then it got dark, and I had to go inside. The bugs were starting to think I was a buffet table!
What did you do this weekend?
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