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Thursday, July 30, 2009

When It's Too Dark Out To Weed....

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I found this old lady at a thrift shop here in our city. She is very cheezy looking ...but I saw more for her than this life as an out dated dust I took her home!
I sanded off what little shine was left to her, removed the awful plastic windows...and primed, painted it cream and then set to rubbing three different colors of stain all over the place! Mahogany, dark walnut and black. Then....I waited and Waited and WAITED....very impatiently for the stain to cure. Goodness it felt like an eternity!
I painted the door knobs and hinges....and waited still more waiting! Have you met me??? WAITING is NOT my thing! was finally time. Well...I may have jumped the gun a bit...hope not or my cherubs and angels are going to Here is my big moment!
The candle lamp is from the thrift shop too...I liked it....
Not sure if I want to add wire to the doors ...for now they are empty.
She sits in the basement on the wall that is the laundry room wall. Inside the bottom is crayons and paper in the drawers...and underneath is full of board games. I have already let the "gang" know to keep their filthy mitts off my cabinet! A close up of the finish....
And a shot with the light on! I think I am liking it for now...Sure glad I found her! She cost me less than $80 for the top, bottom and all the supplies!
And that is what I did when it was too dark to weed last week!