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Monday, September 19, 2011

Pumpkins....A Must See!!!


Guys....I had just the best time making pumpkins today! Yes...I said Making (not growing) Pumpkins!


Now I WISH I could take credit for the idea and directions for these awesome and super fast, easy and cheap fall decorations...but I can't. The credit for this project goes to {L} at Moore Minutes. (for a better the photo to enlarge!)
She posted a couple of different pumpkins she had made... she was even nice enough to share the How-to with us!!!

The pumpkins above are made from dryer vents!!! Can you believe that??? For the post with her here


I made these in about an hour...not including the paint drying. I modified the directions just a little bit to suit my need and climate.

I used three different size of vent....6-4 and 3 inch I could have a variety of sizes. I used wire to close them instead of hot glue as I am WAS putting them outside...(not these ones...they are too cute) and the glue doesn't hold here outside. I also used a brown paper lunch bag as a stem...but the rest is exactly the way she said to do it! Are they NOT adorable? I think I will fill them with some sand next they are heavy enough not to blow away...
So? What do you think? I like them..for just a few pennies...I have some fall decorations...that NO ONE in this area has!
Head over and say hi to {L}....her blog is called Moore Minutes. I am sure she will be delighted to meet you all! Say hi for me...I can't come...I have pumpkins to make!

For more fall decorating here!!! I am Happy to Share mine!!!

Until Next Time…Happy Decorating!!!

*)*)*) to my special three…~Only you will reap what you sow~choose those seeds wisely!!!

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