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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Expect the Unexpected!

Hey all!! Happy 2nd Time Around Tuesday! A big thanks to Diane at a Picture is worth a 1,000 Words for hosting this fun party!
Today I am sharing some of the great finds I made while in another city in our beautiful province of Alberta. I was doing some junkin...and came across this tea set! came with the tray for $5.00!
It is black pearl ceramic...the only piece missing was the creamer...but who needs it right??? lol
tiny little cups with saucers!
Not even a stain! very pristine!
Where on earth will a girl put such a pretty set you ask? You will never guess...Well in the sunroom/office of course! This is where I got started...I used some old tea pots that I had trifted and found in the past...I just love the curves of a tea pot..or cup...especially the antique silver ones...I rarely remove the tarnish...I like them a little darker.
I put them in this plate stand...plant holder you weren't expecting that!!!
I like it!-for today
The dresser under them is a garage sale is old and heavy...had a bad smell at first...and almost ended up being planted in the garden room...but I fixed it. I still need to replace the knobs..

And that is where the tea set is pretty, a little whimsical in there...and safe from a very bad kitten that lives here!
I had to do some re-arranging to do this project...I think I like it. The desk in the middle is going to go elsewhere soon...just not yet. I need to decide where to put it. But for now...this is where I sit to blog to you all!
I am saving the other half of the room...for another is getting a little fall dressing at the moment to compliment this side of the room...The cabinet with the doors...well I made that myself..from bits and pieces out of an old house that was being ripped down for an office building to go was so much fun to go help!
This is my favorite room of the house. I primp and change it you have a favorite? Did you notice the crowns??? there are two in this photo.
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