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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Aug21/09

Hey all!!! It is Friday and that means it is Fertilizer Friday....and we get to feed and Flaunt our Flowers!!!
Grab your feeders...and get busy feeding your houseplants and gardens. After you are done ...grab your camera and take some photos to flaunt with me! Link yourself up to the mister linky below...grab the photo above and link that back to my blog...share your garden with the rest of the beautiful and talented gardeners out there!
I missed sharing last week...but made up for it this week with a boat load of photos! I was away all please pretend there are no weeds in these photos!!! Here's my offering...
My header bed...
Begonia from seed...and calibrachoa...
Look at the progress on this Beta Grape (I thought it was dead)!
Got one of my Mums in place. ( I don't think they are perennial here for some reason)
That garbage pot again....not so trashy now at all!
Big bike bed...wish I had gotten a better angle!
The Lavatera under the garage windows finally took off ....AND is blooming!!!!
Heliotrope is finally showing itself off!!!
Just laughing at the dichondra emerald falls that finally showed a leaf or two! lol
Had to raise up my big pots...they were dragging on the ground. The wind from last week's storms has done some damage to the shape of them...but they are still alive!
The bench is sure filling out nicely too.
Nicotana, marigold, snap dragons....and what's that I see?????
Yep! It's a Rudbeckia ! It is called chocolate orange....
A hosta in the corner of the outdoor room behind that bench...pretty purple blooms
A Banana plant that I started from seed...
Monkshood making his big grand entrance!!!
I love the color of it!
Side garden....that Malva is sure a healthy volunteer!!!
The honeysuckle is getting ready to bloom for me again...
Beside the treehouse....
another view of the big pots...see the damage from the wind? Oh well....they still rock!!!
While I am trying to do anything....this weed-like terror stalks and helps me. He loves the keyboard of my laptop. He's growing like weeds...and even knows how to walk on a harness with a leash now!!! He's a regular bug!
Finally, I would like to thank you all for the kind comments and prayers for my Parents and my family this week...Keep them coming! (the prayers that is..okay and the comments..I love hearing from you! lol) up ladies and gents!!! I wanna see what you have to flaunt this week!!!! Remember ...there is no such thing as an ugly or plant!!!!
Please do share with us! I will do my best to get around to see everyone...internet is sporadic here the last few days!