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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Olden Things" in the Garden

Susan from A Southern Daydreamer is the hostess of Outdoor Wednesday...thanks Susan. Go to her blog to see what everyone else is sharing today. Today I am sharing the "olden things" that I have in my garden. Old wagon wheels...a piece of a machine of some sort...tree stumps...and my pump.
I put two of the Mums that I picked up in my "junk pile"...I love the old broken wheels.
My home made fountain that I put together out of an old water pump. I change it each year, mostly because I can never remember how I had it the year before. (even if I have a never turns out the same way twice) It gets taken apart before the freeze in the winter.
It has been a crazy week here...(like none I have had in a while.) {8-) I didn't get a chance to take any photos today until it was almost too dark, so my photos are not the best quality.
Thanks for the visit...see you tomorrow! there is a surprise coming!
Better shots of these photos will hopefully be taken for FF!