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Monday, August 31, 2009

Taking the Perennial Plunge!

Rhoda From Southern Hospitality is hosting Today's Thrifty Treasures... and I figured that it doesn't get much thriftier than the activity I did today, so I joined in for the fun. Stop by her blog to see what everyone else is sharing today.
I spent my morning driving from greenhouse to greenhouse looking for some perennials to put in the front yard. NONE. I was getting a little frustrated. This is the season to plant perennials I was a little less than encouraged and decided to come home.
When I arrived...this is what I was looking at.
This bed has been the bane of my gardens since we first moved to this house. NOTHING seems to do well there. It grows...but does not thrive. SOOOOO....when the lady next door announced to me that she was turning her gardens into gravel...would I like the perennials in that bed? I jumped at the chance and went to work.
I figured that since she does not care for her gardens at all...or water...or anything...I could make good use of these plants...AND since they have never been cared for...they would love me for taking them and thrive! lol (like a plant thinks right?lol)
I ripped ALL of the annuals out of the bed and threw them...and the infestation of chick weed into the garbage...
Started to place the different plants on top of the soil to see what arrangement I would like best.
Then the planting took place. There were a few areas that were a little empty for my I put a couple of garden angels in and added a couple of pots off the front steps as fillers.
I added one of the garden MUMS that I got a couple weeks ago...didn't even bother to take it out of the pot...just planted the whole thing as it is.
Watered and fed the new plants....and cleaned up my mess....
This is a leap for me if ever there was one in my yard....I generally avoid
What do you think?
Then I set my eyes on this mess....ugh.
This bed is worse than the other takes forever to get anything to amount to much....
I added some of the tiger lily from that bed into this one...
and in the place of the divided tiger lily...I put a bachelors button. I hope it sure is a pretty shade of blue! The original plant was I divided it and put some in the bed I am making in the back alley...(yes...I ran out of room inside the I am working my way out)
cleaned up my mess and moved on to the next task!
I still have three huge rose bushes and a giant hosta that she gave me to take and place...but that will wait for another post!
(I removed the post for the winners...Mishebe and Darla were the big winners...I didn't think that after they read that they won...that you all needed to read the whole thing too! How boring)
Thanks for visiting today...make sure you check the other posts for more Thrify Treasures....