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Friday, September 11, 2009

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Sept 11/09

Welcome! Today is Fertilizer Friday...the day we flaunt our flowers and house plants...feed them and make them grow!
All you have to do is grab your feeder/watering can/hose...whatever...and give them a little kick in the roots...Then...take some photos of the beautiful them to your blog, link in to mine, and add yourself to the mister linky at the bottom of the post today! I would love it if you used the above photo to link to my blog!
It is fall here in Alberta...and that means cooler temps, a little ugly, a little pretty, and a lot of yard work for the gardeners in the area.
Lets take a look at some close up shots of what I have that is still going strong. It seems that many of the flowers are finishing up for the season...and the recent wind storms have not helped one bit!
The Lantana was in a very sheltered location on the side of the tree house...still looks crisp and bright!
One petunia made an appearance with two different blooms on the same (volunteer) plant!
Thunbergia....I love how the blooms change colors on this plant...
It didn't too too bad in the olden
And finally a Zinnia bloom worth sharing!
Those Perennials that I just planted decided to take on a little bloom time...
The honeysuckle vine is blooming again...and attracting all kinds of hummingbirds! I just wish they would stop getting themselves trapped in the greenhouse...
Snaps!!! So tall and bright.
Oh how I love the orange Geraniums...they just glow...even when they are wet! lol
Hen and Chicks...doing well in a pot outside the greenhouse for the summer...inside for the winter...
Verbena...still smelling marvelous as usual
Dianthus re-blooming of the last blooms....LOTS of seed pods in my pots!!!
My 6 year old white Geranium...
IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! Morning Glory are finally budded and have a few sparse blooms.
Loads of seeds on the Malva and the Lavatera to be harvested for next year's crop...and to send to a few who have asked... wanna see the ugly side of fall in my garden?

Yep! my hanging pots are pretty much ready for the garbage cans already! I am going to try to cut out the ugly dead petunias...(that didn't amount to much this year anyways) and see if I can't keep the pots hanging for another week or two. Wind and age are factors to the ugliness!
Well...that's my flaunt! yourself in below...and then head over to see what everyone else is sharing in their gardens this week....I can't wait!
Oh...don't forget to keep scrolling down in my blog....Marty is hosting a wonderful cloche party and I have joined in on the fun for that too!!! There is bound to be a lot of good ideas from that meme for your fall decorating!
Have a great blogging day and a safe weekend...See you all Tomorrow for some exciting (well to me anyways) news!