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Friday, September 11, 2009

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Sept 11/09

Welcome! Today is Fertilizer Friday...the day we flaunt our flowers and house plants...feed them and make them grow!
All you have to do is grab your feeder/watering can/hose...whatever...and give them a little kick in the roots...Then...take some photos of the beautiful them to your blog, link in to mine, and add yourself to the mister linky at the bottom of the post today! I would love it if you used the above photo to link to my blog!
It is fall here in Alberta...and that means cooler temps, a little ugly, a little pretty, and a lot of yard work for the gardeners in the area.
Lets take a look at some close up shots of what I have that is still going strong. It seems that many of the flowers are finishing up for the season...and the recent wind storms have not helped one bit!
The Lantana was in a very sheltered location on the side of the tree house...still looks crisp and bright!
One petunia made an appearance with two different blooms on the same (volunteer) plant!
Thunbergia....I love how the blooms change colors on this plant...
It didn't too too bad in the olden
And finally a Zinnia bloom worth sharing!
Those Perennials that I just planted decided to take on a little bloom time...
The honeysuckle vine is blooming again...and attracting all kinds of hummingbirds! I just wish they would stop getting themselves trapped in the greenhouse...
Snaps!!! So tall and bright.
Oh how I love the orange Geraniums...they just glow...even when they are wet! lol
Hen and Chicks...doing well in a pot outside the greenhouse for the summer...inside for the winter...
Verbena...still smelling marvelous as usual
Dianthus re-blooming of the last blooms....LOTS of seed pods in my pots!!!
My 6 year old white Geranium...
IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! Morning Glory are finally budded and have a few sparse blooms.
Loads of seeds on the Malva and the Lavatera to be harvested for next year's crop...and to send to a few who have asked... wanna see the ugly side of fall in my garden?

Yep! my hanging pots are pretty much ready for the garbage cans already! I am going to try to cut out the ugly dead petunias...(that didn't amount to much this year anyways) and see if I can't keep the pots hanging for another week or two. Wind and age are factors to the ugliness!
Well...that's my flaunt! yourself in below...and then head over to see what everyone else is sharing in their gardens this week....I can't wait!
Oh...don't forget to keep scrolling down in my blog....Marty is hosting a wonderful cloche party and I have joined in on the fun for that too!!! There is bound to be a lot of good ideas from that meme for your fall decorating!
Have a great blogging day and a safe weekend...See you all Tomorrow for some exciting (well to me anyways) news!


Barbara Jean said...

As always, gorgeous flowers!@!

But, I came to see cloches!!
I must be early. =0))
and see you tomorrow night.

barbara jean

PS I'm missing some of my cloche pics, so be sure to check back in case i find them. =0)

Barbara Jean said...

Didn't see the Thursday post.

sorry. =0/

here i go to check them out.

Darla said...

Do you know what we can/can't mail to/from U.S. and Canada? I WANT seeds and I have seeds I WANT you to have........I don't post your link photo because of the limit on photos.......I'm too cheap to pay for more right now. I'll try and link up later, when I take some photos........oldest medium kid woke up with 101.00 this morning. Not a good start for the day....

SmilingSally said...

I'm sure glad you showed those petunias; I was beginning to mix you up with the Perfect Gardener.

Cathy S. said...

Wow I love those Hens and Chicks! are you going to put the geraniums away for the winter? Happy Fertilizer Friday!!


Darla said...

All of your flowers are still gorgeous!! I'm linked now.

Sue said...

Tootsie, even your dead pot is greener than where I'm at right now. I always look forward to seeing your lovely garden, but more so than ever now!!
Have a wonderful weekend,

"Blossom" said...

So B E A U T I F U L.
I have Kara at work today. I will pick up the two brothers after school. Sleep over at gramdmas and grandpaws for two days. They go home Sunday afternoon. What a week-end we will have.
Have a great week-end too.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm adding morning glories next year, just for how cool they look in pictures. They seem to glow! You still have a lot in bloom. My containers are done and I already pulled out the window box flowers to make way for pansies. If you have any spare lavatera seeds I'd love to try some. I could send you some seeds I have.
Now I'm going back to add your FF picture. I always forget.

Darla said...

Just posted an update from the Doctor's Office.

Its So Very Cheri said...

You left me a meesage that said:

I am so glad you posted this!!! I hope everyone reads it...I have a lot that I can't find!
thanks for featuring me again!!! I just love that idea!

Which idea do you love?

If you want to do a post and link this post for people to read the instrucitons and then come back over and see how they have their account set up, go right ahead. I wish everyone would do we vcould get the word out and get this fixed.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Your flowers are beautiful!!

Teresa said...

Your gardens are wonderful as always! It's nice to see a few flowers re-emerge like the diathus. Mine are also re blooming. Your morning glories are glorious even if they waited to come out. Better late than never! Have a great weekend and thanks for hosting, it is so fun to see what everyone else has going on.

Karen said...

WOW! Your flowers are GORGEOUS! Mine are DONE! We have a HUGE horrible fire burning here in Southern California, it has burned 175,000 acres (yes that's the right number) and the ash and soot haven't helped. And it's been BLOODY HOT!
Oh I am so jealous of your garden!
Very pretty!
Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds

Anonymous said...

Even with your bad weather you still have a lot of great looking blooms to flaunt! Everytime I see Morning Glories I want some and regret that I listened to my neighbor who told me not to plant them that I'd be sorry. It was the first thing I got 19 years ago when we got bought our house. I've been here long enough now I don't need to listen to anyone ;-) so I'm going to get some - yours are sooooo pretty. Your green Dahlia sure is different and very beautiful. Hey I didn't know the Verbena smelled - guess I'd better get outside and do some sniffing!!! LOL

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

just had to come by and see what Hundred thousand looked like YIPPEE !! YAHOO!! way to go girl...your the best...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ☺

Jacki said...

Hi Tootsie! I'm so sorry I didn't post a comment last week. As you said, it's fall here with lots to do ... lots of canning and freezing and pickling and cleaning of the yard :-P Busy-ness! So your morning glories were late this year too, eh? What's up with them anyway? I'm surprised you overwinter your hens and chicks indoors. They survive here unprotected outside over the winter months. My mom had some, but they were too shaded, I think, and I killed them off this summer when I blocked that area of the yard off from the dogs :-S But there are a few homes in our area that have scads of the things, growing like crazy and yes, even blooming (my mom's never bloomed) and they don't seem to do anything special for the winter either. Anyway, yes, I have those brown and dried up baskets too ... but the rest of your blooms look lovely. The verbena is such a pretty colour.

Will try to link in later. I did take a few pictures last night but we will see how the day goes. Thanks for hosting! And have a fabulous weekend :-)

MissyM said...

Beautiful! I love your orange geranium too. And your snaps!! I cant wait til the snaps come out here. I am going to have pots and pots of snaps and pansies.

cindy said...

Your flowers look so nice....cant decide which is my favorite! Have a great weekend!

Bren Haas said...

Hey Sweetie - lovin' those Friday Blooms. I am happy to take a break from Canning Tomatoes to share some blooms.

Pearl Maple said...

Your flowers are lovely, the colours are so rich and happy.

Are you going to share with us what you picked up from our inspiration peice? Always curious to see what everyone is creating.

Moore Minutes said...

Your flower garden amazes me. It truly does! I always wanted a flower garden when I grew up...and I don't. I want one again now that I see what you have here!! Soooo gorgeous.

I'm SUPER happy you like the dryer vent pics!! post some pics...would love to see! :) I'm a new follower too.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Tootsie

We've been gallivanting around the beautiful Ozarks, today, so I just now saw your comment, on my cloche post. I clicked on my link in your previous post and it came up live. I don't know what happened before.

I'll try one here. If it doesn't work, let me know. It's a puzzlement!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Tootsie, you would think that you are with me here in Florida with that beautiful lantana and all of those gorgeous colours! I was just so taken with all of the gorgeous autumn hues in Ontario. Black eyed Susans on every corner (no, not me with my mascara running)..

It is going to be sad to see your beautiful work just slowly fade away, although I bet you can't wait for those new seed catalogues in the New Year.

I bought a faux pumpkin today. It looks so like the real thing, I thought of your lovely display when I was browsing.

I hope all is well with your Dad, my friend and that life is ticking along beautifully. Thanks always for your funny and supportive comments. I just appreciate you so much.


momstheword said...

Beautiful, as usual! Hey, you want to see ugly just come see my garden of Weedin'

Behind My Picket Fence said...

You know girl, for someone who says her bloomers are drooping, (Oops, I meant BLOOMS) you seem to have a lot of pretty ones to show. It is beginning to be a sad time in the beds - lots of ugly areas showing up. I had some great petunia baskets and all of a sudden, they look awful. Well, it had to end sometime. Just not yet, right?
Keep thinking summer.........

Erin said...

Your garden looks terrific. We had some crazy wind a few days ago and it blew things all over. My zinnias' leaves are all brown. Do you know why? How do you harvest seeds from flowers? Is it difficult? (Of course, I could just do a Google search, but you're so much more clear and you have such good pictures...)

xinex said...

Oh Tootsie! I just love your flowers!...Christine

Lady Katherine said...

All the flowers are beautiful! I need to remember this post, when I need to find out what is what! I love the Morning Glories!