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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm FALL-ing! and I Can't Make it Stop!

FALL_ing...Not Failing you sillies!!! Fall us upon me in Alberta...I can feel it, see it, smell it and I don't like it. But...since I can't stop it...I may as well go with the flow right?


I noticed that this was the scene in my next door neighbors yard today....It just breaks my heart to know that soon the trees will be bare and my gardens...gone. I have been noticing that many of my pots are starting to finish...and I don't mean in a good way. U-G-L-Y is the only way to spell it. Now if you know know I can't stand an empty space in my gardens...if there is a hook...there has to be a plant! So I headed out the door...


The front door to be exact...on my way I hung a wreath I needs some primping I think.


Not bad for dollar store least it won't hurt my heart when the wind takes them down the street!


The plants that were here...are in the front bed now, so I had to fill this corner a bit. A plastic berry tree from a very good friend...and some faux pumpkins....



The big hanging planter box is I got inventive...a filling the hole...looks different that's for sure...not sure I like it much...but time will tell...


Then I took a stroll to the back yard...where the dead and ugly had to go. A few more plastic pumpkins...and I am starting to feel a little cranky about the fall stomping on my garden parade!
Many of these pumpkins...are actually jack-o-lanterns with light bulbs and electric cords...I hate the real thing...they don't take well to the weather here and tend to rot or turn an ugly color. (at least for me they do) Plus...they are not as heavy to dispose of in the end! Just put them in the box for next year!
Well...that's my post for today!...hope your day is good! See you all right back here tomorrow evening for the start of the weekly flower Flaunt!!! I can't wait!

Until Next Time….Happy Decorating!

*)*)*) to my special three…the seasons change…but hearts…don’t…be careful what you cause!

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