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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lets Make More!!!

Today I am participating in Thrifty Thursday. Click the photo above to visit Tales From Bloggeritaville and see what else our friends are sharing.
Lets take a moment to discuss how we can increase the number of plants we have in our homes and in our gardens! Have you ever had a plant that is not looking so "showy" anymore? Maybe it is a hanging plant that is more legs than body, or a tall plant that has lost some of it's luster? you simply love that particular plant, and want some more of it around your home or garden....and don't want to have to put out a bunch of money to do so?
I will show you how I increase the number of plants, and in many cases the quality of the plants that I have in my greenhouse and home. And do it for FREE!
This is the vine that I have growing on the front of my house. It is called a Virginia Creeper.
These are the shoots that we will cut and force roots onto....
This is a purple Wandering Jew. It is a house plant. (I hate that name)
Another version of the Wandering Jew.
Swedish Ivy (nicco)
Silver Swedish IvyPothos
Now...from the newest growth, go ahead and cut yourself a few sections of each plant. I like to put more than one "branch" into each pot to make the plant a fuller looking specimen.
Now that you have your plant parts, grab some plastic cups, or other water holding container that you don't care about too much. (water will leave marks on many of the containers) You do not have to use a clear container...roots do not need light to grow. In fact, they do not need any light at all...they just need to be warm, ( warmth will speed up the process) AND the branch should not be too long....the smaller the better as the plant will not focus on producing roots...instead it will try to sustain the keep them short!
This is what your cuttings should look like at this point.
Now...remove the lower leaves...two or more to allow a clean branch to be in the water...the leaves will only rot and slow the process.
leaves removed....
another look at the removed leaves...see the little "lines or bumps" that is where the leaves used to be. That is also where the roots will begin to form.
Put them into the water..I use miracle gro in mine...
lots in water...and let them sit!
Now a Spider Plant is a different story all together....they let off plantlets...
Lots of plantlets. All you do is cut the little plantlets off...and stick them into some water...
wait a week or more....
You will see a lot of little roots appear!
The spider plant will root very quickly in comparisson to many other plants. Being patient, keeping a watch to make sure the water is always clean...and that it does not dry a very important thing to keep in mind.
The virginia creeper will take a long time to produce roots...mine took about 2-3 weeks...The others will depend on the plant.
Have fun making more!!! What will you do with them? I like to share them with friends...and add to my collection! To see this collection of houseplants...see this post.
I will post an update as the snips take on some roots for us!
Is there a plant you would like me to help you multiply-and I didn't touch on it's "type"? Let me know...I will do my bestest!
See you all tomorrow for Fertilizer Friday!


Four Paws and Co said...

Okay - I'm here!!! Thank you for hanging in there with me! I really can't think of anything to blog about... I doubt that many are interested in my creek design issues on one of the farms.

The weather is wacky - it's cooler/long pants weather one day or hot & muggy the next with the ac on all day. Not great weather for pretty gardens.

Great ideas for new plants. Many years I'd root plants & had them all over the place.

Your mums are so pretty. I was thinking of going shopping for some pots as I watered this evening. ☺ Diane

Barbara Jean said...

that's great!

I guess you know i do more 'nature finds' than i do nature growing, but that looks easy.
OK, as soon as it is light, I'm going out to cut some...
somethings. =0))


Barbara Jean

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl my spider plant has gone nuts with doing like you told me last I have babaies with babies hanging on it...I should send you a pic of it...Hope you have a great day my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Sue said...

Tootsie-you should write a book. You make everything look soooo easy, and such great photos. Now, any tips on training a man??? LOL!

Darla said...

Good instructions Tootsie....I love to root plants!!

trailrider731 said...

hay you,

Love the tips! I have a couple gardenias rooting at the moment, (wondering why they grow so slow after) and another weeping willow, since the MilaMonster loves the one so!

Also, I'll have to post a pic of my Jacobs ladder, its on the front porch for the summer, THAT thing grows sooo easy for an indoor plant. and i really don't do indoor plants.

I haven't seen them in our area at all. I looked them up on the web for info, finally found an article this week, Mine was given to me about 4/5 years ago from a cutting.

seeya and thanx again for the info.

the best is yet to come!

Jane said...

Thanks for the tutorial...I don't do much gardening so I read with interest because this is all new to me. I'm going to give it a try with a couple of the plants we have. Thanks!!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

You and my Mom would have loved each other, she had little glasses of water and roots all over our house, her yards where spectacular. ME, I have a brown thumb...enough said.

Old Time Cindy said...

I'm back to gardening this year after being away for too long. I get a kick out of growing things. I hope to get cuttings off some bushes. It's a longer process, but I'm too cheap to invest in an abundance of plants when it can be done on your own.
Thanks for sharing!
Living it up at Lakewood,

Behind My Picket Fence said...

I don't have a Virginia Creeper. Sure wish I had a Virginia Creeper. Sure wish someone would share a snippet with me.........ya, I know you can't send me one because it would be dead by the time it got here. I don't do houseplants anymore 'cuz I'm afraid I'd be arrested for murder. BTW, how's the hair today?

MissyM said...

Good MOrning Tootsie. Great post. I love to root my plants too. Never thought to put Miracle Gro in the water, though.
BTW, I didnt comment on your post yesterday but I loved seeing your pumpkins. I am in the mood for fall decorations too.

squawmama said...

Such helpful information... Thanks


Sigrun said...

I have no luck at all with rooting in water--maybe it's something in the water. Try this as an experiment (it's what we do in the greenhouse). Mix 1 part soil-less mix, 1 part vermiculite (optional, but helps hold moisture), 1 part perlite. It should be quite gritty for oxygen in the spaces. Moisten the mix. Fill small container like the small 6-paks that annuals come in. They will root in no time if the cutting is vegetative and will form a neat root ball for transplanting.

Dirt Princess said...

Happy rootin'!

Dirt Princess said...

Happy rootin'!

Betty said...

I never thought of putting Miracle Gro in the water, thanks for sharing the tip.

Linda said...

Thank you for the great tips! It sure looks like you've been blessed with a green thumb! Although my mom always did this when I was growing up, I've never started new plants like you've suggested. With your inspiration, I'll now give it a try...thank you!

9405018--Pat said...

Thanks Tootsie! Great post today...thanks for sharing...Pat H

DEB said...

Thats great information. I will definitely give it a try, especially adding miracle grow to the water. Thanks for sharing and I hope it works as well for me. "Root" for me! L.O.L. Have a great day! Deb

The JR said...

Some things I can root, others just won't do it for me.

Unknown said...

Thanks I needed that! I have always been able to root plants until I tried doing the Wandering Jew (I hate the name too). It roots ok but when I plant the starts they just don't do well. I've been forever trying to get a nice plant. I'd just go buy one if I could find one!

Lori said...

I love to do that with my plants..

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm terrible with houseplants! Most of mine dry up and are half dead before I realize they need water. This winter I think I'll try some new ones and see if I can take better care of them.
I forgot tomorrow is Friday, I'm mixed up with school starting on a Weds. Guess I better find some flowers to take pictures of. I'll try to have a post for tomorrow. I'm getting lazy/busy now :)

Anonymous said...

A friend gave me some bamboo and it has rooted. Will it grow in Ky. outside. I guess I could look it up but maybe you have tried some.

Laura said...

What great information-

Keep teaching us!


Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Great information...and I love FREE! I threw out a green wandering jew plant years ago (thinking it was dead) and it is now my entire backyard! LOL! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week, my friend!
Leigh, Tales from Bloggeritaville

Inspired Comblogulations said...

Great post with wonderful information... Is there a solid purple "Wandering Jew"? I hate that name too!

Thanks for your comment on my Hoytie Toytie and the link problem...I am not a very good blogger....yet!