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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lets Make More!!!

Today I am participating in Thrifty Thursday. Click the photo above to visit Tales From Bloggeritaville and see what else our friends are sharing.
Lets take a moment to discuss how we can increase the number of plants we have in our homes and in our gardens! Have you ever had a plant that is not looking so "showy" anymore? Maybe it is a hanging plant that is more legs than body, or a tall plant that has lost some of it's luster? you simply love that particular plant, and want some more of it around your home or garden....and don't want to have to put out a bunch of money to do so?
I will show you how I increase the number of plants, and in many cases the quality of the plants that I have in my greenhouse and home. And do it for FREE!
This is the vine that I have growing on the front of my house. It is called a Virginia Creeper.
These are the shoots that we will cut and force roots onto....
This is a purple Wandering Jew. It is a house plant. (I hate that name)
Another version of the Wandering Jew.
Swedish Ivy (nicco)
Silver Swedish IvyPothos
Now...from the newest growth, go ahead and cut yourself a few sections of each plant. I like to put more than one "branch" into each pot to make the plant a fuller looking specimen.
Now that you have your plant parts, grab some plastic cups, or other water holding container that you don't care about too much. (water will leave marks on many of the containers) You do not have to use a clear container...roots do not need light to grow. In fact, they do not need any light at all...they just need to be warm, ( warmth will speed up the process) AND the branch should not be too long....the smaller the better as the plant will not focus on producing roots...instead it will try to sustain the keep them short!
This is what your cuttings should look like at this point.
Now...remove the lower leaves...two or more to allow a clean branch to be in the water...the leaves will only rot and slow the process.
leaves removed....
another look at the removed leaves...see the little "lines or bumps" that is where the leaves used to be. That is also where the roots will begin to form.
Put them into the water..I use miracle gro in mine...
lots in water...and let them sit!
Now a Spider Plant is a different story all together....they let off plantlets...
Lots of plantlets. All you do is cut the little plantlets off...and stick them into some water...
wait a week or more....
You will see a lot of little roots appear!
The spider plant will root very quickly in comparisson to many other plants. Being patient, keeping a watch to make sure the water is always clean...and that it does not dry a very important thing to keep in mind.
The virginia creeper will take a long time to produce roots...mine took about 2-3 weeks...The others will depend on the plant.
Have fun making more!!! What will you do with them? I like to share them with friends...and add to my collection! To see this collection of houseplants...see this post.
I will post an update as the snips take on some roots for us!
Is there a plant you would like me to help you multiply-and I didn't touch on it's "type"? Let me know...I will do my bestest!
See you all tomorrow for Fertilizer Friday!