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Monday, September 21, 2009

Cheap and Easy

The ladies above have graciously hosted two wondeful events for us. These events help us save some money, use our creative sides and get things done. Click the logos above to visit and see who else is using these events and showing what they are doing....
This is what I did...
Have you ever bought a package of potpouri because you loved the look and when you opened it...could not handle the smell? Or...have you got some potpouri that you loved...but it has lost it's smell but still has such pretty shape that you don't want to get rid of it? Have you ever seen those wonderful textured wreaths and candle holders that are just so pricy that you can't justify pruchasing them but would love to have one? Worry no more....Tootsie has an idea!
I bought this potpouri at Wal Mart for $1 per bag. I loved the textures and shapes and colors...I won't say that the scent is fantastic...but you get what you pay for right? lol
I had been coveting a hard wreath type piece at a local shop and just could not justify $30 a piece for the small candle holder I was keeping them in mind (so to speak) when an idea hit me like a box of flower seed....why not make my own?
I used two bags of the questionable scented potpourri, some white glue/podgy...mod podge whatever you have on hand...a drain tray from a plant, and a plastic bowl to make a center hole...
I did spray a little non stick cooking spray on the "mould" to make removal easier...and mixed just enough of the glue to make the potpourri sticky all over...but not running off.
Poured it into the make shift mold and let it dry until hard and clear.
This is my finished product!
I used a votive in this is smaller...and the votive is a little worse for wear, but you get the
They are not perfect...but how many hand made items can you find that are? (or even factory made for that matter...)
I made them in two total I used one bag for each small one, and two bags for the larger one. I think I am liking these...You could use them as centerpieces...make smaller ones as napkin rings, votive decorations for candles...hang them on the wall....oh you could make different shapes and just need to use your imagination!
Yes Justine...this candle is still in it's plastic wrapping since last (I know I know)
I quite like them...they were easy to make, and the possibilities are endless as to what you can use, make or shape them into...and best of all....they are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! and made by me!
Would you know I made them if I didn't tell? Will you make some? What do you think?
Stop and leave me a comment before you head over to see what the others are sharing this week! I love it when you weigh in!