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Saturday, October 3, 2009

All Dressed For Cold Weather! (winterizing the greenhouse-and some info on how it was made)

Over the last few months, a few of you have asked to see a closer look at the "mechanics" of my greenhouse. I am showing you the main things I thought were important. If I missed anything...please let me know and I would be glad to send you a shot or two more!
This is a view of the rafters. The whole building is built the same way you would frame a single car garage...except the floor is treated deck wood. That way the water will run through and into the soil below.
I hung white cotton sheets on half of the roof rafters to shelter the young (and old) plants from the hot burning sunshine...and yet still let enough light in to encourage proper growth.I have a gas heater that sits on the floor in the middle of the room on the east side against the wall. A chimney vents the heater through the roof.
The chimney.
This fan hangs about three feet above the heater and moves the very warm air around to heat the whole room. I did not want an overhead forced heat furnace as the warm air coming directly out of it would dry and burn the plants. This way I control where and how fast the air moves around.
See the space between the roof rafter and the wall frame? These are the vents that allow the hot air to escape in the summer months when it is scorching hot outside. I also use a fan to blow some of the very hot air out the front door.
My power bars...which are powered by an extension cord run from a breaker in the garage. The cord itself is strung from overhead so we do not mow or trip on it. There is cable t.v. in here as well. That cord was buried with the gas line...but the power would have been a pain in the bum to put in professionally, so we chose to go this route...and it works well for me.
Again...those vents...(this is
An outside view of the way it was put together....
and another. The dark flooring you see on top of the wooden deck boards is my winter flooring. All it is is 2x2' foam tiles that you use in garages etc. They help the floor from bringing so much cold air inside in the frigid winter months.
I cut and hung these blinds myself! It was so super hot when the sunlight hit the front of the building in the I hung also helps in the winter to hold the heat in at night when it is the coldest.
What the heck is this? It's pink Insulation...(the pink part of my post)
What am I doing with it in my greenhouse???
It goes in those vents that I mentioned earlier. It holds the heat in when I have to keep the furnace running all the time.
You would not believe the difference it makes at this time of year!
I buy a big bag of it every fall. I pull it out and use an electric carving knife to cut it to the right size for each vent. Then I fold it in half and stuff it into place!
Voila! plugged vents! (see my crowns hanging there?) lol
another view.
And this is what it looks like from is not pretty...but it is pink...and effective!
A view from the top...and to show the roof construction..
And my little piece of heaven on earth is ready for the long cold Alberta winter!
Those flowers? yea...they are long dead now...These photos were taken on Tuesday of this week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night we had killing frosts....and all that is left is the mushy black frost burned corpse of what was once so pretty!
Ah...fall in Alberta...comes on way too fast!
(Tonight we expect snow/rain my weekend is going to include ripping out all the beds if it is warm enough!)