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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Stitch in Time....

Oh girls! I was so excited when my cell phone rang and I learned that I had won the silent auction at the local Sally Anne!!!! I let out a giggle and had a tiny celebration right there behind the wheel of my truck (yea...I was on the way to hockey) lol
What did I win???
Yeppers!!! I won a beautiful old sewing machine! So what if the front drawer is missing...I can live with a little imperfection....after all...I'm less than perfect!
She is Canadian Made too!!! look how dirty that is...just wait!
Seriously dirty....
In complete working order!!!
Look how pretty!!
This just tickled me pink to see a built in measuring tape!
The belt is leather...
Okay Gloria....what the heck are these two pieces for????? it came with the machine...and I am so has to be something fabulous if they were kept with the machine all this time...
Inside those drawers were old bobbins that look like bullets...(forgot to take a photo) lol
After a little cleaning...she is starting to look a little more pretty!
And a lot less dusty...see how shiny I made that???
I love all the details...
I is looking a lot cleaner since I put some elbow grease into it!
Oh how I wish I could leave it open all the time!!! But...sadly my house is not big enough to have that privelage....I will post it again when I finish my living room make over...and fall clean out! (that means a while from now-lol)
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