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Friday, October 9, 2009

Fertilizer Friday/Flaunt Your Flowers Oct 9/09

Welcome to the first edition of the Fall/Winter version of Fertilizer Friday!
Those of us who are fortunate enough to share our outside yard and gardens can continue to Flaunt the beauty of their outdoor spaces....the rest of us will share our houseplants and indoor gardening endeavors!
So...without further adieu...feed what you have...and Flaunt away!
I am very excited to share a few photos of what is going in INSIDE for me this week!
Since my outdoor spaces are looking like this today...
We will be looking at what is going on inside the greenhouse!
I saved the Mandevilla...pulled the Lobelia and dead Petunias....left it in the garage for a week...and was very delighted to see that she persevered through the darkness....and is giving me a show like I have waited all summer long to see!!!
Oh I am so happy that it bloomed...and has LOTS of buds!!
They are opening like crazy the last two days in the greenhouse!
My 6+ year old in full bloom AGAIN...(needs some deadheading already)
My orange rose bush (not hardy) that I bought for blooms for the blooming again...
One lone pot of Begonia that I started from seed...
I saved a silver Swedish Ivy...and it is blooming now too....
The Banana from seed is getting really big now...Maybe a larger pot is in order...
A variegated wandering jew...(still hate that name) is getting full and thick and healthy....
The purple bean vine is thriving...I plan to try to grow her up a trellis this winter...
Oh how pretty it smells!
The peace lily is growing like crazy all of a sudden....and has blooms again...
Look at how pretty the details are!
Rubber trees (ficus) are doing their thing again! I love the color contrast!
My Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter Cactus...(it blooms when ever it wants last was in June) is gaining momentum again...
And finally....the purple Swedish Ivy. It is about two feet around and just as long...I started it from a cutting I got at my kid's school about 5 years's getting bigger every week!
Now...what's going on in your home and garden?
Please accept this invitation to share what you have going on...I love to look!
If this is the first time you have heard about this the first photo at the top to get to the details of what you need to do...or look in the menu bar at the top of the page, to get to the nitty gritty!
Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend with love and warmth!!!
Now...if you will excuse me...I have some gardens to tour, and bloggers to stalk! 8-)