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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is That Me???? It's SO ME!!!

Do you know what this is??? (oh please click to enlarge this top is too good to miss) is not a photo of me in the morning! (but it could be-those legs do look similar to mine...) is not a photo of me at a party...(I'm not that happy! but I could be with a drink or two... lol)
It IS a card that arrived in the mail for me today!!!! (that made me smile just like that)
It's from Cindy over at Love From MN!!!!
Yea I'm excited in fact that when I got a card in the mailbox saying I had a package...I didn't even take a second to start my truck and scrape the snow I could go get my box! (all I have to say is that it is a darn good thing I was already showered and dressed when I got the mail this -I'm just sayin'- I ran to the post office...and didn't have it in my hands for more than a second...I just ripped it open right there in the store! lol
What did I get???
well aside from a card with a note so sweet it made me cry a little...
I got this fabulous bottle!!! Is it not just perfect??? She even printed off a photo of me from my sidebar....(man I wish I had done my !!!! Did I mention how much I love this???? I was so excited that at first I didn't even recognize my own face in the photo!!!! It is PERFECT!!!! How PERFECT is it???? I'll show you!
'cause I have it's sister bottle!!!! wooo hooo!!! I have a collection now!!! look how pretty they are together!!!
And don't they look beautiful on my bedside table in the old suitcase???? Yes...yes they DO!!!
Time for a photo shoot....I had to give the whole suitcase a teensy little make-over just to show off my bottles!!!
Man...I so wish I had better hair...or photographed better! lol
They sit together on the table on the side of my bed...I see this scene first when I open my eyes in the morning....Oh...and Busy...well her take on it..."mum....looks like you're wearin' a crown....silly mummy!"
Girls...if you want to see some beautiful landscaping in the works...head over to Cindy's is going to look outstanding ....if those men ever finish it for her....Perhaps they need a little Tootsie power to get it done like Super Tootsie can when she gets wound up! lol