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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not Everything About Fall is Pretty!

Susan over at A Southern Daydreamer invites us all to share our outdoor adventures every Wednesday...for details and a list of the others joining her logo above.
Fall in Alberta is NOT always so pretty. Yea sure...there is the beautiful colored leaves...the slightly cooler tems and all the wonderful warm colors, inside and out...that's just a fraction of what happens here in Tootsie's garden...
Frost has hit my yard... well ...Frost and damaging winds.
Things just look awful!
Ewe!!! Do you see it?
Oh Shelia!...stop screaming!!! you silly thing! It is just frost damage! Looks like a fire burned it doesn't it? She's such a "sweetie"
That once huge swedish ivy is now a shriveled mess....but the Mums made it! Betty's bike bed...looking like it has a LOT of miles on it...
Better get busy...we have a LOT of things on our list today....
After a lot of effort, and 6 garbage cans of pulled flowers....this bed was almost done...just needs some weeding.
You can't see all the damage in this photo...but the plants are finished....once they warmed all the way up...they were quite wilted and sort of soggy from the frost.
They made it to 7 feet tall....did I mention that at the time this photo was taken, the wasp infestation that has taken over my yard were "sleeping in" here? It was about 8 AM when I started...and it was too cold outside for them to fly so they were really docile...Quick...before they wake up....Yank em!
whew! ...that was close...still can't cut the Peony...they started to wake up! There are hundreds of them in the yard this year...I think they live at the "bad neighbor's" house...(more on that in a couple days)
I pulled the entire yard today...and it took 3 loads ( heaped high and tarped down)with the 1/2 ton truck to get rid of it at the local dump! That would be the equivalent of about 50 garbage cans....not to mention the 18 that I set out over the last couple weeks...(I suppose it saves me from the piercing eyes of the garbage man) hee hee. The local dump has a special area for yard waste where they turn it into beautiful compost over the winter. I will be going in the spring to buy it back as beautiful black gold!
It certainly looks different! All that's left is the weeding...
Seems so cold and lonely now...sniff sniff...
Still need to pull the birdbath out for the needs some repairs...
I got the sidewalk cleaned up a little bit- BEFORE I broke the pressure washer...darn!
Cut down the two huge hostas....
Clematis will get cut to the ground in the seems to grow better if I leave it over the winter...
Cut the columbine...the two hydrangea are still blooming!!!
Seems lonely out here too!
It just looks so dirty!
Yep...the local cats are all cheering out loud....their litter box is empty!!! (I will catch them this year..I swear it) lol
Well....that is one thing off my list...right? Tomorrow we will wipe the rest of the list out...right?????
And bones are I am heading for the tub...see ya tomorrow!