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Friday, November 6, 2009

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Nov 6/09

Fertilizer Friday is the day when gardeners from all over the world join in and share the blooms of their labors!
If you are not familiar with the winter rules here they are... For the winter months ( at least in my area) we will be sharing our indoor gardens...such as houseplants or greenhouse items...OR our favorite photos of gardens from seasons past...OR... if you are in another area that is experiencing spring or summer like conditions ...and you still have things growing...cause you are lucky to have a great gardening climate...Share your current gardens!
I hope you will take me up on the invite to share WHATEVER IT IS...."ugly" is not a word in this it...ask questions...just join in! Even one plant is better than none!
In spite of it being November here, we don't have anymore snow on the ground. It melted off and we are sitting like ducks waiting for the first huge dump of winter to get us. I am sharing a few things that are thriving inside my home and greenhouse this week.
My Jade is sure taking her time with this blooming thing. It feels like forever...but there is a little progress this week in the flower dept...
They are starting to open a little bit each day.
They are so delicate and pretty looking...
My oldest Christmas Cactus is forming a few buds.
I love it when this one blooms....I get blooms about 4 times a year on this one.
I have some new growth and a couple of buds forming on my Orange Rose. I thought I added a full body photo...but must have missed it. Oh well....there's always next week.
The Mandevilla vine is thriving with a capital T! The arms that it is sending out are just super seems to like it inside.
Loads of buds on it too.
My Nico Swedish Ivy is Huge. It measures almost 3 feet across.
It is in bloom too. I have no idea where I will put it inside my house when I have to get ready to do the spring seed plant....
My small banana plant is doing well. Getting lots of new leaves.
It is even sprouting some babies.
The sad little Begonia that I brought in from the garden is thanking me with some new blooms. They are light pink, but the sunlight sort of makes the camera think they are white.
I have never had such a happy Peace Lily in my life! It just keeps sending new blooms up.
I love to look at them.
I have three small Christmas Cacti that I have never shared. I originally picked them up to put into one larger pot...but as you can see by the ugly foil, I have not done that yet...The pink one is budding up like crazy...
So is the soft pink one...
And since I have never seen this one bloom before...I am not sure if it will be pink or white. I guess we will soon find out! The three of them will be transplanted very soon to make a nice pot of colorful blooms. I just need to get some fresh potting soil.
Now...if you have not already linked in...please do. I can't wait to see what leafy beauties you are caring for!