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Friday, November 20, 2009

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Nov 20/09

Welcome to Fertilizer Friday!!! Today is the day we all get together and flaunt our flowers!
Fertilizer Friday is the day when gardeners from all over the world join in and share the blooms of their labors!
Now...if you are not familiar with the winter rules will be...since I have ZERO to gardens are bare...I (and other gardeners in similar climates) are sharing our favorite photos from months, gardens, years gone by, or the current indoor gardens and houseplants that they have. Those who have real live beauty to share are doing just that!
So? What are we waiting for? Feed your flowers/ houseplants...gardens...snap some photos, link in and Flaunt with me!
I am sharing some favorite shots of the yard in 2007 this week I hope to have some new blooms to show off...but for this week I thought I would share these as I am looking back at these photos to find inspiration for next season....
My first kick at having bananas from seed outside in the garden rather than in the greenhouseThis was a VERY good year for my garden!I have started my list of flower seeds I am considering in my order this year....I am not done editing it...and there are more to add...but this is what I have so far.

Silverdust Dusty Miller
Easy Wave Petunias
Prado Red Shades Sunflower
Figaro Mix Dahlia
Trailing Lobelia
Blushing Susie Thunbergia
Silver Cup Lavatera
Crystal Palace Lobelia
Double Mixed Portulaca
Florist's Blue Ageratum
Morning Glory Trio
Cappuccino Rudbeckia
Marine Heliotrope
Living Colours Gerbera Daisy
Nagoya Mixed Colors Kale
Corona Cherry Magic Dianthus
- Purple Wave
- Blue Wave
Victoriana Mix Dahlia
Tidal Wave Hegiflora Petunias
- Silver
Avalon Lime/Purple Bicolor Nicotiana
Swiss Giants Pansy
Floral Showers Mix Snapdragon
Giant Tetra Snapdragon
Little Hero Series Marigold
Perfume Series Nicotiana
Any suggestions????

Now you guys know what to do! It is your turn...DAZZLE US....ENTER the mister linky below....AND FLAUNT YOUR FLOWERS! I can't wait to see.
Have a wonderful week I will be back a bit more...this has been one of those insane weeks around here with hockey, kids, life....well you know!