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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Little Paint Goes a LONG Way!

So I had the urge to paint...just not a BIG enough urge to do my walls...
Diane over at A Picture is worth a 1,000 Words is our host today...She calls her party 2nd Time Around Tuesday...and it is meant for us to feature our thrifted, second hand or re-done items!
I am also joining in on the Three or More Tuesday meme over at the Gypsy's Corner...I think Tam will let me get away with it as I have three or more projects I am sharing with you all today!
I am sharing a few little projects that I have been working on for a few days, in between all the other things I have on the go.
I shared this cabinet a few is in the sunroom. It gets made over on the inside on a regular basis. Remember that I told you all that I found it in the alley behind our house a few years ago? I made the doors and shelves, and gave it this paint finish. It is one of my favorite pieces in the needed to be fixed up a little. So...I whipped out a rag and a can of stain...and went to town refreshing the bones of this old girl. I also had to re-glue one of the curtain rod holders that I used as door I knocked it
A few short hours later...she still looks a little worn, but much much warmer! I also later removed the huge key and opted for some cute pictures on the side...(which I will share at a later date)
I like the darker tone a little better...I think the sun faded the old it was time to "re-dress" the old girl. (so to speak) Do you see my second project in this photo?
Yep! You guessed it...I made a tea cup lamp inspired by my Mom-Gloria. She shared the how to a while I made this one...and 7 others! (Christmas is coming you know...they make wonderful gifts)
There are two of these little side tables in my house. I got them at a yard sale about 3 years ago. They were stark white and had that detail of wallpaper in the drawers. I added a little burnt umber paint to them in a wash to soften the harsh white color and that is how they stayed...until today...
Paper gone...see the original white???
A few coats of black paint and there you have it! One is in the kitchen in a corner vignette...
The other (for now) is in my bedroom. I sprayed the tiny handles chocolate brown. The only thing I would have done differently is not used eggshell paint. It has a little sheen...and I used it so that they were washable (I have kids ya know) I wish it were not so shiny...but such is life.
another view...see the little speck in the corner of the drawer? that is not a missed spot...that is a sheen!!! grrrr. I suppose there is always another paintbrush loaded with mat
And finally....this is another table I got at the same garage sale. It also was stark white...and the paper was on it. I had darkened this one a little too....
Just look at it now!!! I love the black with the brown knobs! (ha can see the towels inside through the space in the drawers!- I never noticed that until now! )The black gives these small tables some weight ...and adds a little more versatility to where they can go in my house... OH-and for the record...the amount of time it took me to paint the three little tables....I could have done an entire room!!! much for a little urge...
Well...that's it for me today...another grossly busy week is ahead...I am doing my level best to get around and read you patient...I will eventually get there! Now...for a look at lots of other participants...and a load of inspiration...head over to Diane's and Tam's to see who else is playing today!