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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fat Free/Calorie Free CHOCOLATE! (yea, that's what I said! ) Final reveal of weekend of painting.

This is a long one...and by long I mean there is a LOT of revealing photos being shown here...and by revealing...I mean this is the post that finishes the project of painting the main parts of my home. This project took me about three days...( including both bathrooms that I shared before) and I did have a lot of fun. My main color of choice turned out to be Heart of Bronze. It is a Sico paint...and I am very impressed with the coverage...only two coats...even on the lightest walls! As sad as I was to let go of the wash treatment that I thought looked so good...there was that one spot...(you'll see) and the need for a little change...and I am in love with this new color!
The green you are going to called Rattan is a Pittsburg product. So...without further are the before and after photos of my home!
Dining room...before
opposite of the table...Before.
opposite of the table...AFTER
Yep! those are some holiday embellishments! I'm getting there! lol the skate is ceramic...but it looks real doesn't it?
Remember this large heart shaped wreath above the stair well??? it saw better days...hit the trash and was replaced by a new paint job and...
I added some iron! I have a plan to add some more to this display on the wall...just have to find the right pieces!
Quick close up of the tiny front door table below iron on the wall...
This is the wall opposite the iron in the front entrance...I have always had a display on there...this is the BEFORE...
AFTER! The display got a change too!
My old extension ladder...with photos of pets and my kids...Living room Before....can you see the unfinished spot that I could not reach????? ya...lets just let that go ...bad bone of contention.
AFTER!!! with a little holiday decor added already...
My "book shelves" in the downstairs hallway...BEFORE...
Family room Before....
After...all I need to do is decide how to re-hang those photos of my kids...and place the snow men where they actually won't look like
I also did a quick re-make of the movie/book cabinet...note the light color in this...the before,
here it is After! A little dark walnut stain goes a long way! and last...but not least...
I got one of my trees up! I'ts not quite full yet...still have more to add to it...but so good!
Not too bad for a weekend project...including popping my hip out while WAY up on the ladder above the stairs at the front door. The house is not quite so pretty at this moment...Christmas has exploded
See you all for Fertilizer Friday!