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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting Down and Dirty.

Today I am linking to A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.
I wonder if this post counts...I am not exactly Outdoors...but what I am doing will be...
I loaded the seed cells...
Got the packages of seed ready to dig into...These are the colors I am planting this year.
Trailrider sent me some Loufa seeds, an elephant ear or two and a couple of other things...I am sad to say that only the loufa seeds look promising at this point..the cold weather froze the rest and all but the elephant ears have been thrown away due to death...Thank You Trailrider...I am so excited to see these growing here...I bet I will be the ONLY one in this area....
Here's the Elephant ears...Lets just keep our fingers crossed...K?
I ripped into the Geranium seeds first. For those that missed the post I did last year on is a close up of some coated seeds...they are not this pretty without the coating...they are brown...sort of resembling mouse droppings...These ones are a pretty shade of gold.
I use a seed spoon to plant these and most other seeds with. I have two of them. Each end of the spoon has a small cup ...
Here is a close up of the end...I use these to move the seeds around. The larger ends hold larger seeds...and the smaller ones...well you get the idea.
Here's some shots of the other size ends. They are not very big...

After I got all ready...I took the seed cells...the seeds and the spoon...and placed one seed in the center of each cell...see them? They are the teeny yellow
Once the seeds were placed...I covered them lightly with about 1/8th of an inch of soil.
I just sprinkle it on lightly,
and gently smooth it out...not pushing hard on the soil at all...just leveling it out...and not leaving too much on top of the seeds.
I then make my label out of the cut up mini blind.
Never eat the yellow snow...OR DRINK THE YELLOW WATER!!! lol
This water has been treated with an anti-fungal chemical. It will prevent the young geranium seedlings from damping off. (a soil born fungal disease that will rot the young plants at the stem)
It smells awful...and is very corrosive.
Place the seed packs in the pre-mixed water solution...(note the garbage neatly cut!) I will trim it off and clean it up another time...ha ha..
I planted all my seeds...
and had a little I prepared trays for the next few weeks planting...did a few trays of 9 pack cells,
and a few trays of 4-pack cells...I will need hundreds more, but didn't have time to do it all in one day. Next time...
After all....I did get what I wanted to do finished out here...I planted just a little over 330 Geraniums today.
I don't have much to plant now for a couple of weeks...then it will be a few more types of flower seeds to share...the weeks to come...will bring all sorts of greenhouse adventures and dirt therapy for us here in blog land!
Spring is coming!!!! I just know it is!!!
Have you entered the giveaway I am hosting yet??? If you need to know here!
I can't wait to see who wins...The draw is going to be made on Friday evening at around 8 pm. Saturday will have a post to announce the winner!!!
I will see you all next time!!! Have a great Wednesday!!! To visit some of the other participants of Outdoor on the logo above to get there!