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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers March 5/10

Fertilizer Friday is the day when gardeners from all over the world join in and share the blooms of their labors! After an incredibly busy and stressful week, it is nice to know I can relax and take a peek at some of the loveliest blogs-and the gardens they showcase....
If you are new to this party...WELCOME!!! If you are a regular...WELCOME BACK! Anyone can post plants of any are all welcome...the more the merrier!
Now...if you are not familiar with the winter rules will be...since I have ZERO to gardens are bare...I (and other gardeners in similar climates) are sharing our favorite photos from months, gardens, years gone by, or the current indoor gardens and houseplants that they have. Those who have real live beauty to share are doing just that!
I would like to add, that if you are not a may still join in. The name Fertilizer Friday actually was coined to remind those of us who like to feed our greens, but forget! Fertilizing is not a must...but the flaunting...IS!
Please Publish the Fertilizer Friday Logo at the top of this post, and link into the mister linky list below. If you do not do this, you may not get as many "tourists" visiting your Friday post.

This week I have had 6 whole hours to plant!!! I go out to the greenhouse while my lovely assistants are at school. (the loveliest goes in the afternoon only) So, after I drop her off...I run like a maniac to get home....and plant.
Here's where I am as of this week:
The trays are filling up...soil, seeds and water...I have started to run out of space already, so....
My 'senior' geranium needed to move to the garage for a bit. She's way to big!!!
Lots to water every day...especially when the sun is hot!
A view of the other side...
I can't wait till there is a wall of green showing in the photos!
It's filling up fast...
I transplanted the loufa plants...can you believe I have 21 of these??? I am offering some of them to the school. Around these parts people don't know that loufa sponges grow on vines...they actually think they are sea creatures!!! I am an educator now! haha. (your educational post is still in the works)
The Geraniums are growing along. I was a bit saddened when I went to the local greenhouse and saw that theirs are a bit bigger...but that is what happens every year... Mine are always nicer in the end. SO THERE! HA!
I love to see what I have sown popping up...there's nothing like it...
ahhhhh.....Success...(pansy seeds are popping up)!
okay...what ya got? I can't wait to see!!!
hit the garden, photo archives, greenhouse or whatever, snap some shots...and dazzle us with your flaunt!

Have a safe and happy weekend blogging friends and remember:
"there's no point in getting your panties in a knot, it doesn't solve anything and makes you walk funny.