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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what? when? Where? who Me?

Many many times, I have been asked "exactly what do you plant?" "which flowers are your favorite?" "What is in that pot?"

So I decided to give you all a little directory of what I plant. I could not get it to work as a link I made my own. I do hope you find it helpful! I also may not have ALL of the plants that I sow in the greenhouse on here yet..a list of this nature is a work in progress! Each year I plant a few that I have never tried this is an ever growing list. ( all yard type photos are from MY gardens...each plant grown in MY ME!)


Also known as the foss flower or thistle flower.
Likes full sun-except in areas where hot summer sun is an this case part shade is best. Pinching out tips and removing withered blooms will keep this plant compact and extend it's flowering season. Ageratum comes in several colors, but the color shown is my favorite.
This is an excellent border or edging plant as it is short. Grows to about 6-8 inches tall. Always check the label on this plant, as there is a variety that is not a dwarf. That one will grow to about 2 1/2 feet.
This flower is an absolute favorite of mine. It likes full sun to partial shade, can be used in hanging baskets or as a border. If you plant it as a border it will spread out and mound nicely at about 3 inches tall and about 8 inches wide. ( I tend to plant closer than 8 inches so as to avoid a space in between plants.) If you plant it in a hanging basket or pot it will flow beautifully out of the pot. It has a sweet smell and it comes in a variety of colors such as white, red, purple, yellow, or a mixture of several.

The large seeded banana is a fast growing and tropical type plant that can be used as a large addition to a planter, or as a house plant. It will grow 2-3 feet the first year, and if given enough light and a large enough pot, 4-5 feet by the second. It likes full sun in a cooler climate, but prefers partial shade where it is hot. It is easily wintered in a brightly lit room. With banana you can control the size of the plant, simply by the size of the pot you use. The larger the pot, the larger the plant will grow. Lower leaves on this plant will naturally yellow and die off, simply cut them off. Be sure to always keep the soil moist, water when dry or you will encounter problems.

Also known as Million Bells.

This plant is appropriately nicknamed as it sports millions of small petunia-like flowers all over its bushy, trailing branches. Calibrachoa likes full sun to part shade, and is easy to care for. excellent in hanging baskets, and is available in many different colors.


Coleus Black Dragon Coleus Salmon Rose
Coleus is a beautiful foliage plant. It can survive in full sun, if kept moist, but prefers light shade. If you left it in the sun, its colorful leaves will not be as dark. It fades in too much sun. Pinch plant back at growing tip to encourage a bushy growth and remove flowers as soon as they are forming. Coleus is also a good house plant. It will grow 8-10 inches tall.


Dahlias can grow from one to eight feet tall. The shorter varieties are fairly compact plants and they are prolific bloomers. They require frequent removal of the spent flowers to keep the plant attractive. This plant will bloom non stop form June until frost. They like full sun to partial shade. Too much shade will cause a leggy appearance to the plant.

Hyacinth Bean (Dolichos Lab Lab) Also known as Purple Bean Vine
The Purple Bean Vine is a tropical vine that produces blue-green leaves and fragrant purple pea like flowers. This plant is heat tolerant and may be planted against a south wall. I have had better luck with it in a pot and in a lightly shaded area. After this plant blooms the flowers will produce lovely purple pods that resemble peas. Because this is a vine, you will need to provide support for it to climb on. I love using this plant. It is easy to grow, and very showy.

Dusty Miller
Silver Dust

This is a very pretty foliage plant. Having it mixed in among your flowers will help make the color of the blooms pop. It grows to about 8 inches tall, and loves full sun. It also makes a great border plant for those beds that have bigger flowers such as geranium or marigold.


Just love the bright colors that Geraniums have to offer! They come in lots of colors and grow to about 8-12 inches tall. I grow them in full sun or partial shade. They require some dead heading (removal of spent flowers) to keep them looking nice, but the effort will be well worth it!


Heliotope is a very pretty plant. The dark green leaves and the beautiful purple flowers are a welcome addition to any garden . The most wonderful characteristic is the smell of the flowers. They smell like vanilla or cherry pie! This plant likes cooler temperatures in full sun or partial shade. It will grow to about 12 inches tall. Pinching back will promote bushier growth. I have to use caution with this plant, as my dog likes the smell and will nibble on it. Heliotrope is poisonous to pets!


Striking, large balls of white or pink are the most well known characteristics of this plant. Giving them the correct conditions, the blossoms can even turn blue! This plant is a shade lover....never a full sun plant. It loves the cooler conditions that the shade will provide. Deep shade may be too dark. Hydrangea needs to be kept moist at all times, which means vigilant watering. Many of these plants will grow to about 12 inches.

Impatiens like some full sun in cooler areas, but thrive in partial shade. They come in dozens of colors and are a nice low growing plant. They will reach a height of about 6-8 inches. There are many different varieties of Impatiens. Some are known as Bizzy Lizzy....and are used as a houseplant. They are easily grown , but need to be watered daily.
Silver Cups

Lavatera is a very pretty addition to your garden. It is a tall plant that should be planted at the back of your bed. It will grow from 1-7 feet tall. Lavatera loves full sun. This plant comes in many colors but the most common is pink.

LobeliaThere are two main types of Lobelia. The small compact type, and the longer trailing variety. Both make excellent edging or border plants and have profusions of small flowers. This plant will come in a variety of colors, so you can choose what ever color will suit your fancy. I love Lobelia for the vibrant colors it has. It grows well in full sun, but blooms will last longer in partial shade . If you plant in full sun....regular watering is a must. The smaller variety will grow to about 6 inches, while the trailing type will grow to about 12 inches


Malva Maritiana Malva Zebrena

Malva is a beautiful plant for the garden. It Will grow from 1-7 feet. Malva is directly related to the Lavatera that we discussed earlier. Malva is a bushier branching and aggressive flowering gem for any garden. This plant loves full sun, and is very easy to grow. May re-seed itself the following season.

MarigoldMarigolds are one plant that needs no introduction. They come in a variety of colors and types. Marigolds love full sun but will tolerate partial shade. This plant will bloom profusely for the full season. My personal favorite characteristic of this plant is that cats do not really like the smell and therefore will stay away from them. I have also heard that deer do not like them either. They will grow from 8-10 inches tall and make a welcome addition to any border or garden.

Morning Glory
Morning Glory is a climbing plant. This vine loves full sun and will need to have support to climb on. Morning Glory will flower full season. They close their flowers when the hot sun is out, but in the morning they are open and absolutely beautiful. They will grow 6-12 feet in one season.


This lovely plant is a member of the Daisy family. It comes in many different and very bright colors. It will do well in a pot or a bed. It will grow to about 12-18 inches tall. Osteospermum likes full sun and will bloom all season long. Removing the spent blooms will make more blooms appear. This plant is a favorite of mine.


Need I say too much about this old favorite? Pansy is a beautiful and colorful plant that comes in more colors than I can count. It is an excellent plant for full sun or part shade. It grows to about 8 inches tall and will thrive in beds or pots. I always think of the flowers as spectators in the front row of my beds!
Wave petunia The color of blue I didn't get! burgundy Petunia
The petunia is an old stand by. It comes in dozens of colors and types. I use the celebrity series for the beds and the wave series for my hanging pots. The celebrity series will grow to about 12 inches tall and very bushy. It will flower over and over again all season long. The wave series will grow from 18 inches to 3 feet long! They are very bushy and full and prolific flowering plants. Petunia prefers full sun but will tolerate light shade. They are easy to grow and care for.

Snap Dragon
Snap Dragons are a versatile old favorite. They come in many many colors are easy to care for and come in a variety of sizes. The small ones are about 8 inches tall, the medium ones are about 12 inches tall and the tallest come up to 18-24 inches! They are a compliment to every garden and the colors are just gorgeous! They like full sun or partial shade and are very easy to care for! They are a hardy plant that will keep blooming even after the first frosts hit.
Swedish Ivy
This plant is a very good basket filler! It will compliment any flower. The foliage in the silver will make the colors pop. It is the hanging basket Dusty Miller. Will grow to about 2 feet long and loves full sun to part shade. An easy and very beautiful plant.

Batat/Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is an unusual green plant whose leaves grow in differnent shapes and sizes. It is a good plant for training along a trellis or for hanging baskets. It is related to the morning glory family. Will do best in partial shade but will tolerate the hot sun if necessary.

Well there you have it! I am sure I missed a few...but this is the main part of my gardens. Have fun choosing your favorites!
See you all back here for Fertilizer Friday!!!


Mary | Deep South Dish said...

Cool. This is a great post - thanks for all your hard work! I honestly don't know how you deal with all those annuals. That is REALLY hard work, but the payoff is beautiful. Look forward to your future posts.

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

That is some list! Wow! It all looks so beautiful in your garden too!(-:

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

post that I am going to print and refer to....Thanks so much

Unknown said...

what a collection!

Erin said...

Amazing! I'm in awe of your variety.

lillie mae acres said...

Someone should just label you Ms. Spring. Your blog/postings are always a joy. You have such a wonderful blessing & talent to be able to grow these beautiful flowers/plants. Thanks for all the new info on these flowers. I'm gonna try (as usual) to decorate the yard w/ some pretty flowers this year.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

This is like a garden book on annuals. Thanks,


marilyn said...

A really nice listing of favorites, thanks for all the information.

artis1111 said...

This is a stick up!!!!GIVE ME ONE OF EACH!!!!!!! hehe Things are budding and thigs are comming up .LOL Kathy

The JR said...

Very pretty. I plant Zinna cause they are so easy to grow!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It was fun to see the variety you grow. I'm always so impressed when I see your containers knowing you start it all from seed. I've been debating starting impatiens from seed, they are expensive to buy enough plants to fill in an area. I'm trying Morning Glory but only a couple of seeds have germinated so far.

The Muse said...

(i am now following anonymously, due to some stalking issues...)wanted to let you know :)

what an informative can tell you love your flowers~thanks so much for sharing that joy with us !

Becca's Dirt said...

Thanks for all of that info.

GardenOfDaisies said...

And you grow all of those in your greenhouse? WOW!! I am so impressed!

GardenOfDaisies said...

And you grow all of those in your greenhouse? WOW!! I am so impressed!

Lona said...

Hi Tootsie. So many great favorites there. I have never tried Swedish Ivy. The Malva Maritiana looks to be a beauty. I have some Hot Pink Lavatera started. I love the seeds that germinate well for me. I cannot get osteospermum to germinate well for me at all . The same with verbena it germinates and then dies back. Maybe it damps off for me. I love your pictures with the bright lobelia in the pots. So pretty.

Anonymous said...

It is all so beautiful. You have quite a talent for growing your flowers and then putting them in gorgeous arrangements. I'd like to have just a fraction of it. I do have some seeds sprouting as we speak. Cross your fingers I transplanted some of them yesterday (not my favorite part) and now only time will tell.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I really enjoyed this post as well as the one on houseplants. It's great to see the variety and it gives my some wonderful inspiration!

Brenda said...

Love all your wonderful plants - I had heard of most since my Mother is an avid gardener - sure wish I had your and her green thumb..I have to deal with the deer, so it takes some of the fun out of gardening - they seem to eat everything! Your plants are stunning to say the least..

Susie's country cottage said...

Lots of my favourites in there too. I love marigolds and snapdragons. I'm going to try and plant more bedding plants this year so you have given me a few ideas there. Your pots are stunning. They're a real inspiration.

cindy said...

Awesome! Thanks for the, do you know of any plants that I could plant around a tree that the deer wont eat?....

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Tootsie!

Oh, like I didn't already have major Spring Fever happening! LOL I am just itching to get out and get my hands in the dirt and clean up the flower beds and start planting! My main flower bed is in full sun and therefore it dries out quickly. I have really been trying to find just the right plants that can handle those conditions. We sank milk jugs into the beds last year and keep them filled with water. This has really helped a slow watering process. We are gone so much during the summer that our beds often get neglected.

So, any suggesting for this type of area? We are in zone 5-6 (depending on what book I read...LOL)

Great post. Love all these flowers and greenery plants!

Have a wonderful day!

Dumpster Decorators said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing your great list. My gardens are in need of some fixing so I look forward to reading your posts

My Galveston Cottage said...

Hey girl,
Busy at it, I see.
Well, we still have snow on the ground, but I'm thinking spring! We'll be working in our yard in April to get it ready. Want flowers and veggies. You listed my fave, hydrangea! I think they should do well in Colorado weather. And I love the sweet potato vine/leaves! Grows so fast; I put it in a hanging basket last year. cheers, -s

siteseer said...

what a beautiful variety to try to choose from. I'm looking forward to warmer weather.

Short Poems said...

Your garden look so cool :)


Jess said...

Great list! I am hoping to do some gardening this year for the first time!

siteseer said...

question.... do you plant all of these from seed and cuttings? which are which? I am in awe of you lol