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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers June 11/10


It’s Friday again already and that means it’s time to flaunt our flowers, gardens and all things green!

Now if you are not familiar with the rules of this little party…here they are;

If it is spring or summer where you live, you need to snap a few photos of what you have growing, blooming or just love to look at that is of the plant variety…if it is winter where you live, you may post past favorite photos…or indoor plants…whatever you like. The only criteria is that it is a plant or something growing!

You do not need to use fertilizer to participate in this party, but if you do, this is the reminder to fertilize weekly!

Your post must include the logo above and a link to Tootise Time, or the linky will be deleted. I don’t mean to be harsh, but there have been a lot of people linking in and when the participants graciously click over to their blogs, there is no sign of Fertilizer Friday anywhere to be found. This is not fair to those who do follow the rules, therefore…well you know!

So? what are you waiting for? Get outside, feed, water, snap and post!

This has been a very rainy week in Alberta. We have had steady rains for the last 4-5 days…I caught over 100 millimeters in the rain gauge. So needless to say, that there isn’t much to flaunt this week in my gardens…but I am sharing a few things.


Waterlogged and long…the grass needs a mowing…I did spread fertilizer just before the rain started… so it is growing!!!


I am disgusted at the amount of chick weed that is growing all over in my gardens…I have could swear that it rained chick weed seeds….boy do I have a lot of weeding to do when I get a chance. UGH!


In my gardens I have a couple of hostas…this one is smaller …


this one is huge! They were both gifts from good friends…so it is nice to see them doing so well…it reminds me of the people who gave them to me when I look at them.


Check out my stump! I was on my way home last week and drove up on this beauty in the ditch. Oh heck ya I wanted it!!! It is almost three feet across!!! Perfect for a Toots to junk into the box of her truck…along with some “red gold” and head home.

The pots are doing okay considering how waterlogged they are right now…


Alyssum seems happy!…


My picnic basket of Sweet Potato Vine is happy enough too…I don’t know about the lobelia that I shoved in there…it may be the end for it…ha-ha.


These smell soooo good when walking up the steps into the house.

So what does a Tootsie do when she knows its going to be nasty outside?


She runs like a maniac and trims the hedge…then heads for the garage to play with her “red gold”.

“Red Gold”? you ask?? Allow me to elaborate…


Figure it out yet? Yep! It’s barn board!!! I am almost finished building this bench…it is going to look like the one I built a few years go. Just needs a couple little bird house roofs on the pickets and it will be good to go! I don’t know what I’ll do with it. Might find someone to give it to.

There is more of that wood in the garage…but with Dad being so sick…and the weather being what it is…I have not had time to play with it. When I am done building something guys will be the first to know! Ha-ha.

Anyways…that’s it for me this week. I am off tomorrow to see my Dad again. Mom is looking forward to us coming too. It’s just a day trip…but it will be fun to see them. I will be around to visit all the Fertilizer Friday participants this week…I hope. I will also be posting an update on my Dad as soon as I have news. Thanks to all of you guys for the thoughts and prayers you offered for my Dad and my family. They meant more to us all than we can ever say.

Okay…lets get snappin!!! Postin…and FLAUNTIN!!!!!!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Looking so good there!
Love the new bench(-: I love barnwood too!
The stump is cool too! I also love stumps(-: They work great for displaying things on(-:
I am so glad your dad is doing better! I will keep him in my prayers!!!!

Jeannie B. said...

I love your barn board. Wish I could build things. Want you to know that I am hooking on my sewing blog today since I was stitching in my garden and am short on time. Your logo is on my garden blog but I am linking to you in my sewing blog. Hope that's ok for today.

Olga Poltava said...

Hi Tootsie, I wish we could have some of your rain here in CA. Your lawn and plants look so GREEN and pretty!
I'm joining you for Fertilizer Friday again.

Lori E said...

Yup that wood is like gold. Chickweed is preferable to snails and slugs.
I killed 17 snails on my front steps the other morning. That was just on the steps. Yikes.
I have posted about an IMPORTANT reason to garden. Have a look.

Troy @ I Refuse to Recede said...

I'm so glad to hear your Dad is on the mend, as always your garden looks fabulous, and I know it's petty of me to sya, but it makes me so happy to learn that you get weeds too.

It's comforting somehow, as I pull my weeds, to know that even perfect gardeners like Tootsie have weeds to pull.

I didn't get any new pics of my plants this week, The vegetable garden is almost a total bust this year, it is not flooded, but the ground is still too swampy to plant so I am continuing my series on composting, hope that's ok. If not say the word and I will edit in some pics of my mint barrels or something. :-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Things are looking great to me. I love your barn board bench! Have fun with your parents this weekend.

teresa said...

Geez, sorry to hear about your dad being so sick. That's just awful. I hope he is well soon. It' so hard to see our parents be vulnerable. I am glad he is on the mend. Your garden looks great as usual. Love the picnic basket. I actually have two of them in my yard now full of flowers. They are so pretty when they have vines or plants trailing out of them. I hope you have a nice weekend. I have a baby shower for my daughter in law, about 70 or so coming. I must be crazy!

Larry said...

My goodness... is there anything you can't do? Larry

La Petite Gallery said...

Just signed up for Friday now what?


Lynn said...

The yard looks nice, but I'm lovin' that barn board bench!!!

A Garden of Threads said...

This is my first joining Fertilizer Friday, hope I post everything right. Your garden is stunning. Happy gardening this weekend.

Ott, A. said...

I really like the flower planter in the picnic basket. Very creative! Thanks again for hosting this week. I post your badge on the sidebar of my blog. Hope that is ok.

Darla said...

Oh but all of that rain has your lawn looking so lush! Waterlogged or not, things look beautiful Tootsie.

Beth said...

Tootsie, You are so handy and crafty! That's really neat how you build items for your garden. You are a hard worker, Tootsie. It does show in your garden. Your lawn looks so lush and green. The stump is a cute addition to your garden - what a creative thinker you are!

Blondie's Journal said...

The bench is awesome, Tootsie. are a carpenter, too! lol!

All of your plants look great. I didn't know this stuff is called chick weed. I have it, too and it is so aggravating!

Sorry to hear about your dad. Sending prayers your way. Have a good and safe trip!


Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

I love your "red gold". Old salvage just happens to be a specialty over at our cottage. Come see.

I would also like to invite you to join in on the fun for all three of my linky parties:


You can get the details here:

Each party runs for six days, so come on by!

Hope to see ya there!
Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Did you load that stump yourself???
You wonder woman, you. Chickweed is evil it finds its way everywhere. Love the sweet potato vines in the picnic basket and your new barn wood bench!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Linking up to say hello and drool over everyone's garden. Hey, this is bad for my keyboard.

Thanks Tootsie!

xinex said...

Good morning, Glenda. I hope oyur dad is even better today. That stump is good looking, glad you took it home. Your yard is looking good as usual...Christine

The JR said...

I luv the red gold. Maybe you needed a rainy week to slow down a bit and get some rest. I know you've been worrying about your Dad.

Hope he is almost brand new and will get to come home soon.

Be careful, have a great weekend.

Paula said...

How in the world didyou life that stump! You must be "buff monkey" that is waht my girls and I call ourselves when we do an amazing task like that. Your yard looks great - i Love ths hots of the whole thing to get perspective of your beds and all. Take care, Paula in Idaho

siteseer said...

Morning. First off I hope both your parents are getting stronger. I saw your mothers button on your side bar and took a trip over to check her out. Long illnesses are the worst.

Back to gardening. I've been battling chick weed for over 30 years. Probably not doing something right lol How did you possibly lift that stump??!! Roll it maybe up a ramp? Love the barnwood. I'm looking for a little now to make some little signs for the garden. You're really teaching me to think outside the box. Thank you.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I think it's been raining weed seeds here too. It's been raining so much the weeds just seem to multiply every time I look out.
Your garden is looking really nice. I love the bench! I wish I had you talent and could make something like that.
Hope your Dad is doing better.

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Wow!You are always so so busy!!You remind me of the Energizer For all the rain, your lawn is so very green, everything else seems to be doing pretty good after all the drama with the snow. Love the barnwood bench!! Like LC said "what can't you do!?!" ,Thanks for Hosting:) Wishing everyone Well.... Enjoy your time with your Pops!

Sherrie said...

Hi Tootsie,
Your garden blooms are beautiful. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

Tammy said...

Your plants are looking great. I love it when a friend gives me a plant for a gift. It just keeps giving and I also think of them when I care for that plant.

Byddi - We didn't come here for the grass... said...

So glad I came across Fertilizer Friday! Your blog is delightful. Love the bench!

Maia T said...

This is my first visit to your beautiful blog and I'm glad I found your Fertilizer Friday.
Your garden plants are all lovely and the new bench too. said...

This is my first time to post on your blog. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful, obviously it does not get as hotthere as it does here in Mississippi.

Claudia said...

Looking so fantastic!!

Comon over and join with us at Friday Finding beauty... You have to keep sharing this gorgeous work you are doing in your yard!


Linda @ Linda's Lunacy said...

Your gardens are so beautiful! Ii love your benches. I have some wood to make some benches, just have to find the time and the energy. I might use your idea for the bird house shapes on the back on one.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I missed Fertilizer Friday this week, just couldn't get my photos taken. We have had a lot of rain here also, just about every day.

I love your red/gold bench, very unique.


Fonville Farm said...

I just love your blog, gardens, everything! Your garden is just beautiful!

Sonia said...

Hi Tootsie,

Hope your Dad gets to feeling better! I love that old barn wood...we used old fencing to build a few things..potting bench etc. Nothing like reclaimimg something old and reusing it! Love all your pictures this week. That tool belt planter is so fun...and original! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Miss Bloomers

siteseer said...


Please don't publish this comment. #38's entry is dated June 2009 and #39's entry is February 2010??? Just sayin? Are they participating or not?