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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hoya Yoya! Sometimes…Worth the Wait. (and HELP???)

Hey gang! How are you? My stress is high, I am busy…but over all…I am good.


We had an afternoon thundershower today…everything is so crisp and clean feeling in the garden. The Robin’s are singing so loud…it’s just peaceful. I was in the sunroom with the windows all open working with one of my newest treasures…and thought I’d share a few things.

I had a wonderful day with my parents on Sunday, picked up some more “junkin gold” from Grampie and Grammie…had a great lunch, and headed for home with my truck loaded to the max with my new treasures. I am shocked at one of the treats I took this time…it’s something I thought I would NEVER get to have…but have always admired. Wanna see?


Yep! It’s a plant. A 40 something year old Hoya to be exact. My mom got it from a lady at church about 25- or so years ago…now…I thought I’d never see the day that this plant would be in my house…ever.

They are downsizing a lot lately…sent a lot of things for my garage sale…and a few things that I might want to keep in my house…This is one of them.

So I get it home…and it tips over. Hoya Yoya did it tip over…and I got a big surprise! It is not as full as it appears in this photo…in fact…it is empty on top! That plant is tied to the hanging chains right now and appearantly always has been! When it fell over…the ties came off…and I had a surprise! The plant is actually about 12 feet long! It had just been tied and trained and tangled into a full beauty! Kinda like my mom’s hair when she was young…teased and tossled into a bee hive!! hee hee! (she lives far away…so I am safe to say that today! hee hee)

Okay…enough on that Hoya…I have some new views in the header bed to share today.


I have had this little sign kicking around for a while. The shovel is actually like an arrow…supposed to point the way to the greenhouse…It was facing the wrong direction and I did not hang it for lack of a location. I took the shovel off…put it back on facing the right way…and…


hung it on a piece of the barn board I had acquired a couple of weeks ago. It stands in the header bed right beside the fence against the trellis arch that holds the Engleman’s Ivy. I removed the unused garden sink, ripped out the sod…added a couple of perennials and a few annuals from another bed that was over loaded…and that’s where it’s at! The bed used to end about three feet from the gate…now…it goes around in a curve and I do like it. I still plan to add one of my old windows the way I did in the garden room on the other side…but that’s another day.


Here is the new view.


The other half of the header bed. Please do not look at the weeds…that is on the top of the list of things to do tomorrow for sure. Do you see anything new in this photo?


How about now? It is something I have wanted since we built this greenhouse...


Maybe now????


Yep! I hung a screen door on the greenhouse last night. I was having issues with baby Robins…baby Sparrows and even Hummingbirds going into the greenhouse…and not being able to find their way out. The poor babies would be so scared when I would try to help them…but I always managed to get them out safely. It just needed to be done!

Now is where you guys come in…That little pine screen door needs to be painted…I need to know if you think it should be painted white like the trim and the other weather door that is on it…or…._____ . What do you think? I want input…I need input…and I think it should come from you guys! Help me choose a color! Please?

See you all back here for Fertilizer Friday!!! Can’t wait to see you!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.