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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anything Goes! Planter Project With Whimsy!

I have been working on an idea now for a while. It was not easy to get time…or to figure out exactly how to do it…but I think I finally got it!!!


I had this old chair kicking around. I could not fix it…it had been out in the elements for almost a year before it came to be mine. The damage was too much after I removed the upholstery, so….instead of junking it to the garbage…I came up with a solution.

I wish I had taken before photos of the blue velvet on the chair…it was really quite a cute little thing…but…I am me…and I get excited sometimes! Ha-ha.


I gutted the heck out of this baby…I then bolted it back together without the springs etc. I added a piece of wood to the bottom…and covered the entire chair with a layer of landscape fabric. Added a few impatiens and some sweet potato vine…




I made my ramshackle old chair into a planter!



The sweet potato vine will hopefully flow over the sides like a skirt…ha-ha.


I like it. The original owner of the chair stopped by and thought it was fabulous!


It rocks and swivels still…


I placed it in the corner spot by the garage door.


What do you think?


Trash to treasure or just trash?


I had to try…it appeared in my mind…If it survives the winter here…I will re-plant it with alyssum…how cute will that be? I can hardly wait now…


This chair goes to show…that there is nothing safe from being planted around here…Anything Goes…and one girl’s imgagination goes a LONG way! I think when I was looking for a little whimsy…I got it!

Then….I moved over to complete a drab area of my garden…I’ll share it on a future post. It is storming here again…and I am NOT going outside to take photos right now! Ha-ha. (hey…I might be the crazy plant lady…but even I have my limits!) {8~)

Until then…hugs and smiles and special winks for those three who just can’t stop themselves from lookin! - you know who you are . *) *) *)

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