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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not Too Shabby- Fancy- 4 Free! 8)

Today I am linking into this very neat meme...I hope you will join me in clicking a few of the other participants! If you click on the logo picture for Creative Chick will take you right to the place you need to be to review the other posts!

I have a friend who acquired a piece of furniture for free. It is a roll top desk…and it needed some ‘attention’ (to say it nicely) She asked me if I thought I could do anything with this piece…


…I looked at it…and decided that yes…yes I could. The very first thing I said to her was “those knobs neeeeed to go!” Her response…”just do your magic please”


EEEEEK! Yep…those are some U-G-L-Y knobs!!! I know for a fact that those are not original to the piece…my parents have this style of desk at their house…only in a much darker stain…and there is nothing hideous or ‘cheezy’ about it. In fact…I am thinkin’ that the next trip to visit might win me a desk….right Grammie? SHHH! don’t say anything out loud…Grampie might hear us…8)


The inside is in awful shape…even has some water or moisture damage of some sort…so I had my work cut out for me.


My friend’s spouse kinda wanted me to bring it back to the original color when I was done…but I’ m sorry…that is NEVER going to happen!!! I had a better idea….wanna see?


TA-DA!!!! I got rid of the knobs…and made some blocks to use as drawer pulls instead. MUCH better!







All that went into this entire project was a little black paint…believe it or not. (after I sanded it down of course)

Not too shabby for a free desk, and 3 hours of my time! I sure hope they like it.---Yes…you guys have seen it before the owner! WHAT! I have priorities ya know! Hahahaha!

Until next time…hugs and smiles! Winks to all ---especially my special three!!! *) *) *)

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