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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Those of you who know me know I am just a regular girl. I am a single mom of three kids, hockey mom, gardener, decorator...just a regular everyday person. I am just a girl with some seeds to sow, a greenhouse to grow and a love of all things with leaves.


Today I learned that I have been chosen as gardener of the month over at Costa Farms! The entire month of February is mine! woo hoo!

When I heard the news I actually got tears in my eyes! This is such a great big deal!!! This company is huge and they do so much for the community and share so much with gardeners!

I rushed right over there and saw the wonderful little write up they did about me, and the photos of my first greenhouse, and favorite photo of pots that I grew one season!

You can see it if you click the Costa Farms TMFG logo below:


What is Costa Farms? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? They ARE the LEADING Tropical / houseplant providers in the USA. They located are in Miami and they ship EVERYWHERE!

Costa Farms is a third generation, family owned business that is world wide growing over 3500 acres and give employment to 2800 people!

They have several specialties to their company including indoor houseplant and bedding plant divisions, merchandising and transportation companies as part of its infrastructure, with operations in South Florida,North Carolina, and abroad in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Far East.

For me this is a huge honor! I am so excited to have been noticed by such a great company!

If you have not yet checked out their fantastic site…please do now. You won’t go away without learning at least one thing. The home page offers so many different topics, that I am sure even someone who doesn’t like to garden will find something to read and delight in! There is everything from garden tips, news, upcoming events, plant library, weather updates, resources for you to see what’s growing and how to grow them! I lurk there a lot!…and NOW I’M ON THERE! yea me! hee hee!

I am a houseplant fiend…and I enjoy the plant library, and all the rest that they have to offer!


Thank you Costa Farms, for making this Tootsie one happy girl!

What are you waiting for??? GO ! CHECK IT OUT NOW!!! you won’t be sorry you did! You can get to their website by clicking any of the photos...or you can click on their name. Ill see you over there! Have fun!

Until next time, hugs and smiles…and happy growing to you all!

(my seed order will be here this week some time…I hope!)

Stay tuned…I will be announcing that 500 follower celebration this week!

*)*)*)- you know I haven’t forgotten the three that love me! You know who you are and I know you are just SO happy for me! *) mwuah!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


Jack Canfield said...

Congratulations for being honored and featured!

Tamara Jansen said...


Now, off to check on their feature on Tootsie....

Millie said...

Great! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Tootsie what a wonderful honor for you and we all know you deserve it!! You love for your gardens and greenhouse just shine through - plus your just the sweetest thing around!!

So glad for you friend!! Hooray Hooray!

bee blessed

Infatuated with Homes and Gardens said...

Three cheers for you hoorah ,hoorah,hoorah ,well deserved!

meemsnyc said...

Congrats! That is SO cool!

artis1111 said...

Con grats to the BEST!! Your garden is the best !!!! You have always given great addvice on our gardens, so you should be given the honnor. LOL Kathy

Troy said...

That's too cool! And well deserved too!

I am always amazed at how much beauty you manage to coax out of an even shorter growing season than we have here.


Mary | Deep South Dish said...

Awesome! Congratulations!!

onlymehere said...

Congrats Tootsie! You certainly deserve it. Your yard is always so beautiful and inspiring!

La Petite Gallery said...

Hey there Gorgeous, that is such
an Honor. I told you good things were coming. I went to the site about my orcids, nothing will bloom. Have to repot..
Hunker down there is some storm coming,, Stay warm.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Congratulations Tootsie. I think you well deserve it!

The JR said...

Congrats to you and they couldn't have picked anybody who deserved it more!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations :)

Laurie said...

That's amazing! They did a lovely writeup on you, and the photos are lovely! Good job, girl! You deserve it!

Becca's Dirt said...

Oh Tootsie that is wonderful and congratulatons girl. What an honor. Of course we all think you deserve somethng special because you do have the prettiest gardens and grow such beautiful flowers. I'm going to check them out and maybe order something. I'm a sucker when I look at those websites.

Lona said...

Congrats Hon, you deserve the honor.

Noel Morata said...

aloha tootsie,

congratulations to a well deserved rock :)

Karen said...

Glenda, Congratulations, what an honor, and no one better than you to be chosen! I'm so happy for you!

Patty Sumner said...

Congratulations! You deserve it! Blessings!


So happy for you! You are the gardner!

Julie said...

Congrats, Tootsie!!!

9405018--Pat said...

You go Girl!!! Congrats! Pat H

Teresa said...

Can't think of anyone better to be garden of the month! Congratulations!!!

Alison said...

Don't know how I missed this, but...Congrats!