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Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been working on a project in my house for a while now. It has taken me a LONG time to finish, and I am not sure I even have, but I am sharing it with you now.

There have been a few set backs along the way and it seems like it has taken forever to even get this far! The photos are not the greatest, as I am not a photographer, and …the lighting and size of the room leave a LOT to be desired when taking photos…but…I am sure you will get the idea of what I have done, as we go along.

Lets get started with some Before shots of the room.


Welcome to Tootsie’s Bedroom!


There have been several different looks in here over the last couple years. Most changes have been made with fabrics…I did love this bedding…but alas when the skunk sprayed me AND the dog, the bedding had to go. The dog got away from me when we got sprayed, and rubbed her face on the bedding and I was unable to get the smell out of it. *( to read that story…click the highlighted words above.

029 (4)

The furniture is pretty…and Huge…and HEAVY. There was an “incident” in here with my daughters and some nail polish remover a few weeks ago…need I say more?


The finish on the dresser and parts of the bed were ruined…


I also did not like how the cherry wood seems to get a bit orange after a while….so…

Something had to give. I needed a change…a BIG change…so I set to thinking…how can I make my bedroom better, fix the damages to the finish…and make it more ME?


Well…I added some paint, curtains a little imagination, and a whole lot of elbow grease!


I washed the furniture with cream color paint… Painted the walls, added some curtains, edited the plants and made myself a cabinet for the wall opposite the bed!


Threw in two of the old windows from my original greenhouse…made some changes to accessories…


…and here it is! (oops..and there I am too!)

I switched out almost all of my accessories…or made them different just by a little.




I like the finish that I did. It softens the furniture, gives it a bit of a brighter and less heavy look.


It’s not a “perfect” finish…so it won’t show some of the scratches etc. so easily as the other darker finish did.


It also doesn’t look as large as it did somehow.


You can still see some of the darker undertones, but it is just softer, and distressed…just the way I like it.


I have had several people remark that it looks amazing in person. I just wish my photos would show it!!! *)


Simple sheers hung on the window soften the wall…and diffuse the light nicely.


The little round table holds a lamp, a window and an angel.


It fit perfectly in the space I had.


I got rid of the other comforter that I had…(there have been three since the skunk incident…none seemed right) and added two quilts. One is cream with little accents of taupe. The other is toile. (I have always wanted something toile!)


I may still add something else to the curtains…not sure yet. I didn’t take the finials down above the curtains yet.


Under the giant t.v. at the end of the bed is a cabinet that I picked up and re-did…there are closets on either side of the cabinet…which make decorating a bit hard at times…


All of the walls got a coat of paint. Three of them got a color called heart of bronze…a nice deep chocolate…this wall got painted a deep burgundy…(hard to see in the photos)


The cabinet was stained with three colors to get the look I wanted…and loaded with some angels and other little pretties…


I needed a place to put the orchids that Costa Farms had sent to me…and I thought the window box in the corner would be perfect!

It seems like they are loving it there too..they are blooming like crazy there! (See? They are STILL alive! *)


An evening shot…man does the lighting in here stink for photos!


A shot of the bed…and my ‘helpers’. They find it very comfy cozy in here now…


…maybe a little too cozy! lol


I kept the wall hanging above the bed…did I really have a choice???

057 Look at him! He is always sleeping just like that…who wouldn’t want a little kiss goodnight? *)

And that is the big reveal…I would have posted it last week…but just as I was about to take my photos…my youngest…and best helper ever…’Busy’ was sitting on the bed. Out of nowhere…she leans over…and THROWS UP!!!! (on both cats and the new white bedding…YA! ) I was not a happy girl…it took a lot of washing to get the stain out…and YOU try to clean throw up off a Cat! (or two)

But…the project is done for now… it took a long time to make…but worth the work…and hopefully the reveal was worth the wait!

If you would like to learn how I did this transformation…made the change…tune in next time. I will be sharing the how to…the whole process! I took LOTS of photos along the way!

With that…I wish you a good day!

Until next time…hugs and smiles…happy decorating!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.



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