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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Trouble With Junkin' ... It's Too Much Fun!

Buckle up gang...grab a coffee, have a bathroom's gonna be a long visit today.
It was a beautiful day out at the farm. There was a mixed bag of us out there this weekend…
There we have the DIVA. Oh ya…she is ALL that…and a bag of chips!
The drama queen /Biker babe/cowgirl? seriously??? ha-ha….
…the jock/manly man/ lawn care guru…ha…he’s a lot of things…but mostly just my bud…hee hee
When Grampie called for an extra mower…Grammie hopped to it! She got that mower ready lickity split! She even gave the Bud a quick lesson on operating the tractor. Including a demo on clutch control…
Now…I just HAVE to ask you this…
I can’t see a difference…can you see a difference??? hee hee….poor Grammie…she really is tall ---for her age…ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
All the mowing done, Grampie set his mind to getting all the quads and the dirt bike up and running…
With Grampie and the kids all busy, Grammie and I made a devious plan.
We waited for everyone to be super busy doing their own thing…and we headed out to put our plan into motion.
I had spotted a potential treasure while in the shop….and we needed to be stealthy to take it out of there. Grampie is VERY meticulous about his shop. Keep in mind I said meticulous…not tidy. He knows where EVERYTHING is in there…and he knows if ANYTHING is disturbed!
We take a look to make sure we are alone…yep…no one but the birds are around…everyone else is busy…
…and we tip toe up to the target…
…put on the gloves Toots…we don’t want to leave any evidence!!! hee hee…this is my version of a cat burglar…haha
I gingerly pull out my intended treasure…with big hopes…only to be disappointed…what I thought was an old pot belly stove…turned out to be remnants of one…and not in good enough shape for me to salvage…yet.
I guarantee you I WILL come up with some idea for these mis-matched pieces…just not today
…Grammie is camera happy today…she thinks she is getting even with me…’cuz she took some er-well…not so flattering photos of my rear side…what she forgot…is that I DECIDE which photos are posted…ditsy blonde silly Grammie! we laughed and laughed…mostly because she was so very silly.
With the pieces not all there…I decided to put them back where I found them…while Grammie continues to take frame after frame of ridiculous photos! 163 of them in fact. ha-ha-ha
There…I think it is back exactly how we found it…he will never know. Now what??? I don’t have a junked treasure!!!
What’s that Grammie??? You have a plan B??? YAY!!!
Grammie and I made our way to the next location.
We checked to see that the coast was clear…
…And I ducked in side quick as a Cat…cat burglar that is…ha-ha-ha yes…that is my big round bum…under the swather…that is the next location. We both crawled in there…
Why are we crawling through mountains of rabbit poop in and underneath a swather? Well…because we wanted to get to this little lovely!!!
Have you guessed what it is yet??? First let me move some of the other ‘treasures’ that are surrounding it!
YEP!!!! It is an antique ringer washing machine!!! It is in wonderful condition too!!!
When I pulled the tarp off the top of it…I found this little bird nest on top of it. How sweet is that! I also found some mouse poop that made me feel a little less than happy…*(
Grammie and I set about moving out the target…we needed to lay it on it’s back in order to pull it out underneath the blade of the swather…
We I moved as much stuff out of the way as I could…we needed all the room we could get. Grammie…well she was still giggling like a little school girl…at all the crazy photos she was taking…;) WE were both SO confident that we would be able to make it out of this place with the ringer washer…that we pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled…and got ourselves stuck! This washer was not going anywhere!…at least not without help…ugh.
As we sit…we realize we are never going to get our treasure out…
…at least not without the help of the guy we were hiding from in the first place! CRAP!
So the kids go find Grampie…he was working in the shop.
The kids tell him that Mom and Grammie need help under the swather…I can only imagine what he is thinking when he hears that!!!
Grampie comes to the rescue with a jack…which we all thought would be the answer…but alas…it was not. We needed just one more inch…to bring out the washer…but this was not possible…so we focused on getting out of there.
I managed to crawl myself out first…and then Grampie and I discuss getting this washer out of there…and maybe Grammie too…
We entertained leaving Grammie in there…
….we can’t leave her in there…I need my camera back! hahahaha!!!
…After all…we wouldn’t want to try to out run her…or get kicked by her…she does have those incredibly LONG legs of hers!
Hang on Grammie…we will get you out of there!!! hee hee (she’s REALLY liking my new camera isn’t she?)
We got her out…put all things back where they were…and moved on, just a little disappointed. I did take the rollers from that washer…and Grammie kept her hot little hands on my camera.
…I needed to get myself a dead tree for an idea that I have…so I did that…
…and as I got it loaded up…I was called over to the shop.
Grampie felt sorry for me…and shared some good junk…he even showed me some of the highlights of my new treasure! Do you know what that is???
I guess I am still Daddy’s little Toots…hey??? Just like when I was little…he always makes sure I have toys to play with!
Quick…throw it in the box of my truck..he might change his mind…
My dry tree…ok..dead tree. HA-HA
This antique water heater! I love it…can’t wait to fix er up!
The top of the ringer washer (…the bottom WILL be mine…I just need to wait till swathing season!!!)
Thank you Grampie for the junk…and Grammie for the giggles!!!
just a quick note to those who haven't figured it out...Grammie isn't really stuck...I just like to bug her and her photos made it look like she was...sorry...but the only thing that was stuck is that washer...and it still is!
Stay tuned… there is a post coming up with these items in place!!! I am so excited!!!!
Until next time….Happy Junkin’
*)*)*) to my special three… Be cautious of your words...they don't come with a 'Return Policy'. (and sometimes you get exactly what you asked for and it isn’t what you expected it to be!) You will always get more flies with sugar than with vinegar!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.
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