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Sunday, August 14, 2011

What’s Growing On Inside…

Well Hello there! Today I am sharing from inside the greenhouse.
All the little seedlings that took their start inside are now thriving outside…and the greenhouse is still growing on.
In case some of you are new and not so familiar with me and my plant obsession, these are the facts:
I live within in the city of Red Deer …which is smack dab in the middle of Alberta Canada…I am a zone three gardener, and I garden year round. Our winters are bitterly cold and that means my greenhouse is the little oasis in the snow for most months of the year. I am fortunate to have a fairly large yard…that is filled with several flower beds.
The greenhouse is a 12x20 wood and plexi –glass structure that stands on wood decking, (which in the winter months is lined and insulated by industrial foam tile flooring…In the cold winter months I heat the greenhouse with a gas furnace and in the summer when it is warm, I cool with the vents and move the air with fans. I am by no means a professional gardener…but instead self taught and wingin’ it as I go…trial and error has taught me much! I absolutely adore my greenhouse and pretty much anything with leaves….(okay…not weeds…ha-ha)
I start all the annual flowers in my greenhouse, starting in January. From January until May the greenhouse is filled with the bedding plants that will fill my gardens for the summer months…Once the annuals are out of the greenhouse, I move several of my houseplants (tropicals) into it and that is where they live for the summer and most of the winter months! I garden year round from the safety of my very favorite place in the world….my greenhouse!
Now that we have the particulars out of the way, lets see what’s going in inside in the greenhouse at this time of year.
Lots of tropicals…some started from cuttings…some from seed…all are very much loved.
Yes…that is my kid’s swimming pool…it is so warm inside the greenhouse, that the cold water doesn’t seem to phase them when it is inside…it also stays a lot cleaner than having it outside…and I don’t lose any garden space with an ugly swimming pool!
I open the blinds and can sit and watch the kids swim…as well as enjoy the view of my gardens from my little wicker throne.
NOW….What’s Growing in the greenhouse right this minute???
I have lots of plants that are in there right now…I am also starting a bunch of new ones to give to friends who are plant deprived…lol
THIS…is the cacti that I started from seed about 5 years ago. They are growing like weeds all of a sudden. Last spring I broke a piece of the tall one off when I was trying to transplant them. I popped them into the soil of another pot…and now they too are growing like crazy. It seems, that I need to cut back that tall one…it doesn’t want to stand on its own anymore…and I am constantly getting prickles in places no prickles should ever go…hee hee…
I am not that versed in the language of the succulent…especially the prickly cactus I have no idea what they are all called…or why this one keeps drooping over on me.
This little batch started out as one little round…and has become quite a big member of the house! It will soon grace the tables of my hairdressers shop…as I am making more…and don’t need that many dangerous plants on my desk! *)
This is a Nicco Swedish Ivy. I took a cutting 7 years ago…and have been making more and more as need be. It was three times the size of the photo above about a month ago…
Today she is not so big. Out of the blue it collapsed and would not pick up. So…I got busy and decided to cut it back and see if it would come around…seems that worked…it will be big as ever in no time I’m sure.
I also have the silver version of the Swedish ivy. I started this from seed in the spring of this year. I haven’t tried to keep one of the silver ones year round before…so thought it was worth a try.
A Begonia from seed 3 years ago…blooming all nice and pretty.
My Bananas!!! There are two of them in the greenhouse…I refer to them as the divas …totally high maintenance…ugh. ha-ha-ha…but I do love them!
The Jade plant that I coaxed into bloom last summer is growing like a weed…I have started 6 new ones from it.
I do rescue for the plants that my chiropractor abuses…lol…the asparagus fern is almost ready to take back for round 3…lol
The greenhouse is like a last stop hospital for some of my houseplants…if they are not doing well…they rest up in here…if they can’t recover…they are replaced…or have cuttings taken from them to make more to give away.
Healthy and happy…most of the plants thrive in the greenhouse…
My Mandeville is doing well…even sporting a couple of bloom buds…
There are two Wandering Jews…a green one that is very healthy….and a purple one…witch is not so much…I am taking cuttings off of them to make more…
I Have a whole stock of cuttings and starters from the tropicals that I love…just waiting for some soil, pots and new homes…
It seems that the wisteria heard me say she was slated for the trash if no leaves appeared….lol….two weeks ago it was nothing more than a twig!
The Passion flower is loving the warm in the greenhouse…has bloomed several times this summer. I hope I can keep her alive for another winter…
The Hydrangea that I was certain would die, has decided to give me another chance…now…can we get some blooms???
I love anything with leaves…and am so glad to be able to grow year round in my little haven.
What does your greenhouse do in the summer months???
I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to link in with some photos...with either current or past (during the dormant seasons) to Flaunt Your Flowers on Friday with me on Tootsie Time. Many absolutely gorgeous gardens participate in this party, and yours would be a welcome visit for them all to make!
Hugs and smiles, wishes for a grand week and thank you to those who have stopped by for a visit! Leave a comment and share some of your gardening advice!
Until next time…Happy Gardening!
*)*)*) to my special three…Thought for the day: The one you allow to anger you, conquers you! Keep smilin!!!
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