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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Same, Only Better!

It has been a chilly little stretch in Alberta…The hoar frost is so pretty…just not so fun for the building that has to be done!


The photo above is taken in the Fabyan valley on the way to my new home. I took it out the window of my truck the day we drove the greenhouse to it’s new location.


Once we arrived, we unloaded the trailer which was loaded full with the greenhouse and a few other items we may need along the way…then it was time to get down to business.


This little shed needed to be moved out of the way as it was standing on the location that I wanted to put the greenhouse. So…It was jacked up, chained to a truck and dragged to this spot smack dab in the middle of nowhere! lol The greenhouse will stand right behind the little tin shed that is sitting there being ugly. (that tin shed needed to move as well, but my Dad and I just carried it.)


Construction was started at the earliest possible moment! Those boys were busy getting everything ready for the new floor to be put together!

They worked their little hind ends off that first day…only to find out that we had to STOP the building! You see, there needs to be a gas line dug into the ground for the heat to work in my greenhouse. If I wanted it to have heat, I had to move the whole thing over to the other side of the sidewalk!!

Sounds easy enough right??? WRONG!

The location where the gas company could come in and lay the gas line is right where my arch nemesis (AKA the spruce tree)…and the May Day tree are growing! I was originally going to just pull the two trees out and put a garage in there…but sadly, the town says I cannot take the awful spruce out. It is wrapped around not only the underground gas lines, but the power and telephone lines above!!!

So…Grampie got busy.


He Sawed and sawed and sawed…and made a big mess on the ground for us to clear away. He trimmed that tree up from the ground all the way to where it is now. ugh. The original owners just planted that tree and walked away…there are needles about 3 feet deep all around that area!


I have NEVER hated a tree before…but I sure do now!!! grrrr


The boys chained the frame of the deck floor of my new greenhouse to the truck and dragged it over to the new location.

There…this better be the very LAST complication!!! We then started to load the rubble from the trees into the trailer to take away!


I wonder if that tree could get any closer to my greenhouse????


I just don’t know if I like this at all!!!




The kids made a pile of fire wood..


and a huge pile of branches and bows…


…they were loaded into the trailer…


…tarped up, and hauled away by Grampie and my son.

Now that the final destination had been determined, the rest of the building could begin. We worked for as long as we could each day. Grampie could not help as he had to go to work, so I took his place on the construction team.

The sun sets early around this area in the winter months, and it was COLD outside…so the progress seemed very slow going. We worked every weekend for almost a month. It was pretty chilly in the mornings, and lets just say, that plexi-glass is a tad slippery when it is frosty…lol. There were a lot of swear words, and several sore muscles when we were working!


Finally, after a lot of grunting and groaning, the greenhouse is standing! I can’t say it is all finished, because the gas line hasn’t been dug yet and there are a few little “touches” that need to be done…but for the most part my baby stands at the back of the property just waiting for me to come and load it full of staging, pots and most important…PLANTS!


I still really hate this tree….


…But at least I have got my greenhouse. I am also very happy that it is now properly built…and is now strong. Where it stood in the old yard, it had become very unsteady with all the cracked plexi and other little problems with the frame itself. I was worried that one big storm would take my house right down!

This version of my greenhouse has proper roof trusses done on it, so that I no longer need to worry about the top falling in, or need that awful pole in the middle of the room! This version of my little piece of heaven has been improved and built better and stronger than ever. Yay!!! As for that awful spruce….Who knows…I may just find a way to USE this tree to my advantage…but that’s another post all together!

There are a lot of posts coming about this yard…it is totally empty…just waiting for a little Tootsie to happen to it!

Thanks for popping by today…stay tuned…hopefully soon the gas will be in…and I can move into the greenhouse…for now…I am going to focus on getting the inside of the main house ready to move into! (there are some fun posts about that coming soon!…you all know how Grammie likes to pose for photos!!! hahaha!)

Until next time…happy gardening!

*)*)*) to my special three... I just have to say thank you for...Giving the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence. You know who you are!!! xoxo

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