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Monday, January 30, 2012

Progress!!!! At Last!

Hey kids…I am finally posting a little progress has been made…The kitchen renovations are almost finished and I can share them with you in a couple days. Things have taken a little bit longer than I had planned on them taking as I have managed to sustain a substantial injury to my stubborn little self!

In the process of packing, moving and renovating…I have somehow managed to blow out my shoulder and have been sort of out of commission for a few days due to extreme pain…(the meds for the pain were kind of a wild ride at first too…but that’s a whole different post)

Today I am sharing my progress in the greenhouse…Yes…there is progress!!!

I started my week out on the right foot…I got up…sent the kids to school, and headed out to the greenhouse!!!

I made the executive decision that since the house is ‘liveable’ I could afford a day or two to get things growing in the greenhouse…and that is just what I did!


I am already feeling happier just being inside…but let me tell you…it was a tad chilly in there!!! The heat has not yet been turned on! Before I can fire up the heater, I need to make sure the greenhouse will hold it. This means…insulation…and winter flooring.


First…I got the insulation to plug the vents…


I just get a bag of whatever is available and not too expensive…fiberglass insulation works best for what I am doing.


These are the tools I will need. I use an electric carving knife to cut the insulation to size. (I don’t have one for inside the house…I just have this one…but hey…I garden…cooking is not one of my favorite things to do! haha)


Once the insulation has been cut..I fold it in half…and stuff it into the vents. Works like a charm!


This year I got lucky and they sold me some that was not hot pink!!! It doesn’t look too bad!

By the time I finished filling the vents…I was able to take my winter gloves and jacket off…I made a huge difference!


Next…we move to the flooring! Stacks and stacks of flooring…These are foam tiles that are 2’ x 2’ square. They just pop together like a puzzle…and they help keep the cold from coming up through the floor.


Ta-Da!! Just like magic the floor is in! This greenhouse seems huge when it is empty!!!


I have the insulation in…the floor tiles put down…and now…I am bringing in the shelves and all the other things I need to do what a Tootsie does.


Not having the beam in the center of the room sure does make for a lot more space in there. I am considering putting another set of shelves in the center!

I am not sure what happened to the chains that hold up the rods that I hook the hanging baskets from, but I will find them. I don’t need them right yet anyways…I don’t have any pots! ha-ha…they are in storage!

But I do have the greenhouse up…and insulated…


…and the best part…the heat is on…and it is ready for me to plant it up! My next big project will be to get the soil…and get good and dirty!!!

I still do not have internet at my new house…and therefore did not make it to the party for last Friday…I apologize for standing you guys up. I hope it will be good to go in the next day or so…ahhhh…the joys of living in a small town hey?

This is progress…and that is a good thing…as soon as the internet is up at home…I will share the progress in the house. I have done substantial changes to the interior of it, and can’t wait to share some of it with you! I don’t even know where to begin sharing…there is lots.

Hugs and smiles to you all and wishes of a great week to you all.

Until Next Time…Happy Gardening!!!

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