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Monday, April 30, 2012

Breaking the First Ground

It’s official…this is my yard…and soon it will become my gardens. I the state it is in right now, I can say I have seen enough ugly to last me an entire lifetime. I have decided that it is time to start Tootsifying my space!

I chose a location, tossed out the garden hose. The way it landed was the shape the garden bed would be. Kind of a crap shoot…lol. I edge cut all around the hose…and removed the sod and set it off to use at a later date.

Then I started the roto-tiller.


I am shocked at how hard the ground is ! The tilling seemed to take FOREVER! I am sure glad I didn’t have to dig it all up by hand!


I fluffed the soil up as best I could…


Man…did that take a long time…and make a huge mess of things! The tiller throws that soil all over the place!


There is a lot of clay clumps in this soil. I built this flower bed on top of part of the trench we had to dig for the gas line to the greenhouse…so there was a lot of clay sitting right close to the surface.


I will amend this soil in the future, but for today I just want to fluff it up.


Pulling the sod was hard, but that roto- tiller sure took a toll on this Tootsie’s injured shoulders. My arms and hands were very sore when I finished.


All I have left to do is to put the soil that spilled over the edge of the bed when I tilled it, back into it…and create my edge trenches.


As usual, I do not plan to use any type of edging, just my trenches that I always have done. They are easy to maintain, and cost nothing but a little elbow grease!


Almost finished for today!!! Yay!!! All that is left to do is the clean up!


Sidewalks and the grass (or what will be grass around the new bed all cleaned up. Lets take a look at what we did!


I think I will add a little something along the back end there where the wood chips are…


just need to think about what it might be…can’t be too gawdy…I will think of something, not to worry.


I finished up just in the nick of time. It started to rain…and kept it up for days! I am not sure I am in love with the shape….will have to give it a little bit and see if I warm up to it….if not…there is always the option of making it bigger…and fixing the shape! ha-ha!

While I was digging this bed…I was making a plan for a few other things in this yard…stay tuned…I can’t wait to share!

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Until next time….Happy Gardening!

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