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Monday, June 4, 2012

A Dirty Job? No Problem!

Well hello there!!! I am so glad you stopped by today! I have a little something to show you!

It was a a gorgeous weekend in my area and I took the opportunity to get some much needed yard work done.

I spent the entire day on Friday outside working on the mess that I call a back yard. It was a LONG day…and I was FILTHY by the time Grammie and Grampie stopped by to see what I’d been doing. What’s that??? You want to see??? I am so glad you asked:


I hung some pots on the spruce tree outside my greenhouse. I would love to show you the inside…but it is such a disaster in there right now, that you might be traumatized by the sight of it. So…you will have to wait till Friday to see how it shapes up…I hope to get it all cleaned up this week.

Now…back to the hanging baskets on the tree…


I think it makes a great splash of color in the front of the greenhouse…and adds just enough interest to that awful tree trunk…it looks ridiculous with all the branches cut back…ha ha


I put another pot of Geranium and Bacopa on top of the post where I hung 4 pots earlier this month. I think it finishes it off just enough. I am excited to see how they look when they bloom. Red Geranium and Blue Bacopa…should be pretty don’t you think?


I tidied up the little patio outside the greenhouse. I had a zillion pots sitting all over the place in this area, and it needed some organization. I do plan to put a few more pots in the area…but that is something I will have to do later this week…there was no time today.


I hauled a million and one wheel barrow loads from the future garage site, fed and watered the flower bed.


I am kind of liking the view of the greenhouse from this vantage point…


If you don’t look too close…you won’t even notice that the grass is seriously lacking in lustre. ha ha

I then moved my sights over to building a couple new beds:


It all started with me making this one. I have to have a flower bed right in this area, as there is an old tree stump and root right in this part. It used to be the site where the fire pit sat, but if I am putting up a fence, I don’t want the fire pit to sit right on the property line…so I moved it. I then dug out the area of sod and weeds….and ants…and …and… I then moved one of the stumps that Grampie and Grammie gave me from the trees that died in their yard. I set it right on top of the old tree root/stump that is there. I planted my Elder tree in this bed…and was just about to toss the sod onto the side area, when Grammie called and said that Grampie was going to try to rent a bob cat to come move the soil up from the back of the yard where the garage will sit…to up closer to the house, so that I can plant grass!

If I am going to plant grass in my yard, why not salvage some of the sod I pulled when making this bed??? So… hauled a zillion more loads of soil from the garden, and put my cuts of sod…


….in this area! I know…ick!!! Right??? This area was a mess. I just hated it.


It was not level at all…and was all sand. I left the sand, and added some soil…and sodded in the area Tootsie Style! ha ha..


I know it doesn’t look like much right now…but it was a lot of work. It will fill in…and look fabulous in no time!

I was in such a zone getting this area sodded…that I got all excited and decided to pull some more sod and make another bed…or two.


It isn’t finished yet…needs to be evened out so it is a mirror image of itself…I was just too tired to do anymore that day, but this is a preview of the future bed on each side of the step/sidewalk! The grass slopes downward from the sidewalk going along the side of the house, and it would have been a mess trying to sod it in…so I decided to save the head ache…and make a bed ….or two! I am excited to fill it with rich garden soil, and start planting!

As luck would have it, we were unable to get a bob cat rented for the weekend…so I have to wait a few more days to get that area prepped for garage construction…which will be a redneck adventure all on it’s own I’m sure!

That was the big garden event of my weekend…What did you do last weekend???

I have a lot on my plate early on in this week, so if you don’t see me around for a few days, not to worry…I am just a tad busy, and will be around as soon as I can!

Until Next Time…Happy Gardening!

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