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Monday, July 2, 2012

A “Grand” Planter


So I found this photo online…( and fell totally in love with the idea.


I got to thinkin’…I have an electronic baby grand piano…it does not work anymore…and is going to cost more than it is worth to fix it…

Last winter I had jokingly said that if I could not fix it, I was going to haul it outside and use it in my yard as a planter…

Maybe it is fate that I found that awesome inspiration photo!!!


Having that little inspiration photo stuck in my head… got me to thinking….Where on earth would I put a piece like that in my gardens???


BINGO!! I think I might have found the perfect location for a very special project piece! I think this is going to be the perfect site!



I needed to make a few little changes to the appearance of this piano before I can make this project work.


I had to take the lid off…remove the “guts”…and there were a LOT of guts on this computerized piano. I already have a plan for that lid…lol


I wish I could take off the control button panel…but it is there for the long haul…so I will have to work around it. I removed all the speakers, motherboard and wires from the inside that I could. I am ready to rock and roll!!!

I am soooo excited to get this started!


This area needs a little fun!


Grammie and I dragged that baby out the door…and into the yard…we didn’t care if it got a little dinged up…’cuz I have plans to change the look just a little.


So far…so good…still lookin’ a little dark and serious though isn’t it?


With the guts out of it…it is going to be perfect for what I have planned!

Now to “cheer” it up….

The kids figured I should drizzle and splatter paint on it…so it would look less serious and more fun…so that is what I did!



I picked up a few cans of clear coat poly to spray the piece with….that will help preserve it for a little longer than without any protection…


I sprayed it with several coats…and impatiently waited …


…and waited…and waited for the piano to be dry enough for me to “play”!!!


I don’t think the piano is going to work as a fountain…there are too many different holes from the speakers and wires etc…even with a liner …so I am going to make just a few little adjustments to the original idea…I like that it will not be a total copy…


I added several pots all planted with bright colors…a few little accessories…and then stood back and looked….I don’t know…it is pretty…but I think I can do better than this don’t you?


Yep!!! One window box filled with Geraniums and Lobelia did the front part just right!!! I added a couple of pots to fill in each side of the window box, and a few more to fill the body part of the piano…I am so excited to see how this looks when everything is all filled in!!!


I figured that a planter this “grand” needed a few solar lights to give it some attention in the evening hours…


I even modified a couple of the lights and put them in an old candle holder set just inside the center of one of the pots.


I think it added just a little bit more whimsy!!!


OK…so I added a couple more pots to the ground under the piano…


….Made sure that things were “flowing” and looking good from the side and back of the piece…Once that pot fills in …You won’t even be able to see it….(or at least that is the plan)


I am kind of liking the feeling that this project has given me. I think it looks just fine…and will only look better and better as the season moves along and things are filled in and all in bloom!

If the piece survives the winter I think I will paint it either white or yellow or something a little brighter for next summer.


Of course the sun had to disappear as I wanted to take photos of the final result of the day’s adventure…


I might still add a pot or something to the base…just for filler…but will see.


I did add a pot of lobelia and little sleeping angel to the ground…


I think she looks perfect right there!


I am so glad to have had the opportunity to add a little whimsy to my gardens…It is not as gorgeous as the inspiration project…but it is mine!


AND… if I didn’t use the piano this way, I don’t know what I would have done with it…probably would have had to haul it to the landfill…and that would have been a total waste…even if it only lasts for one or two seasons…it was totally worth it!

Thanks for stopping by today and seeing what I have been up to!

*)*)*) …I'm living my life the way I want, doing what I want, when I want, and I'm loving it :))

Until Next Time…Happy Gardening!

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CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

I Love your piano!
I found one one time on the side of the road but no way to bring it home. I was am old upright piano. I wanted it so bad so I could put it in my shoe garden. I had a theme picked out and everything just seeing it there. But that thing was soooooo heavy. Maybe someday I will find one I can get home. I can't wait to see yours in a few weeks after things have grown in too!
You could always cover it with plastic in the winter and it might last longer...although a little
dilapidated would be awesome too(-:

Anonymous said...

Tootsie! You tore up a piano!! :) Well, since it didn't work and cost to much to fix it, I would have said - go for it! This is amazing and I'm sure your house is getting lots of attention as well as your gorgeous plants! You are something else and I love your new snap on FB!
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

imjacobsmom said...

You've never cease to amaze me. <3

Carol said...

ok so I admit I was alittle shocked when I saw your piano, how pretty is was in the house all shiny and black. But if it doesn't work-it's just one more thing to dust. Now it dosen't matter if it's alittle dusty! Looks good. Carol

Lona said...

I knew if anyone could turn a piano into a fountain or planter you could. LOL! I just love it Glenda!

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!! love this...Pat H

Charlotte said...

Great idea! I had an old upright that I wanted to do something with, but your idea was too late :-( My hubby trashed it! I will be on the look out for another.

Betty819 said...

I vote for painting that piano a white/off white..Will Ann Sloan paint work? Knowing you, you'll figure out a way to turn that baby into a fountain before it is all over!

How in the world did you and your Mother get that piano moved out your house and into the yard? Who was taking pictures?

Donna Heber said...


What a fun project! I probably never would have thought of this without the inspirational photo. I just adore your new piano planter!

Larry said...

Holy Steinways!!! Larry

Anonymous said...

HOLY FREAKIN TACKY!!! OMG! you have really gone down to slumming it since you "changed" your life. You used to have a talent but it would seem you lost it in the you are just plain junky and really used to have som class... now??? not so much...sorry your neighbors have to live by halloween...just sayin.

Sarah said...

It's too bad you couldn't make it into a fountain but it is what it is and I love it. I do think it's needs a piano bench tho.

mariondee-designs said...

Wow, what a super fantastic idea.. I had never seen a piano used like that before! I love what you did with yours and bet your neighbours thought.. what is she doing??? I agree with Sarah I think it needs a piano bench (perhaps potted too?) to go with it! take care, Maryann

Tootsie said...

That ignorant and nasty comment written by the coward that calls herself actually my sister Terry of the Curators Collection! She is apparently off her meds again, and can't help but be a total jerk to people. She is also very angry that when she stole all the things from my parents that she did, and then threw yet another tantrum before running off and telling us all that she didn't care if we all died...and that my kids and I deserved to live through the hell we lived through during the divorce from my abusive ex husband...yes..she is a very sweet young woman...a model Christian...and Mother of 5. I would like to invite you all to pray for her to get the help she needs AGAIN, get back on her meds and that she may one day learn to be a good person, mother, wife and friend. As for her family and inlaws...we are all finished with her...forever!