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Monday, January 14, 2013

Leather Bound…Right?

Welcome!   Today I am sharing a super easy to do project that I have been working on for a few days.   I am changing the look of a small cabinet table that I have had kicking around here for years and making it into something new!
I have had this little table/cabinet for years.  It has three drawers in it…and is quite functional.  There are dividers built into the drawers, that gives it versatility as to it’s use!   It has been everywhere in my house in it’s time and I have painted it and changed it a few times too.  It currently stands in the hallway under a mirror holding a few spare bathroom supplies. 
I still love this cute little piece, but I think it is time to make a slight change to this spot.
I have recently acquired another piece while I was out junkin’ and the new piece happens to be an antique wash stand, so I had to make the executive decision to let this one go to a new home. 
I found this old cabinet a new house to live in, (with a cowboy that I know)  so all I have to do is make it look like it belongs in it’s new place!  Today…I am going to do a make-over from the simple black sophisticated …to a casual country leather bound look!   What!!!   Don’t look at me that way…you know there is a method to my madness!!!  Trust me…this is gonna be great!
If I am going to give this table/cabinet to a cowboy, I decided that it should be sort of finished in a western-ish (yes...that is a word…in my world)  style…so I settled on a leather look finish.   It was very simple to do…I ripped up pieces of plain brown wrapping paper, and crumpled them up…then with a paint brush and some white glue, I glued them all over the piece to cover the entire surface!  EASY.
I let the whole thing dry overnight, and the next day went back in and did a coat of mod podge all over it to add a little smoothness and sheen to the paper.
The white glue does not dry as smoothly as a mod podge does, but it is cheaper and easier to work with when putting the first  layer on to glue down the paper. 
I let that dry…
I don’t think it looks quite finished yet do you?  I think it needs a little pizazz!   I can still see the black paint through the paper a little bit…SO!… A little paint is just the thing to give this paper covered table/cabinet the final touches. 
I mixed some brown acrylic paint with water to give it a thinner texture….and simply washed it onto the surface of the piece!   I add a little more where I figure it needs it and just work through the entire thing.
This is starting to look a little more like leather now!  I am loving this new look!  
I put another coat of the mod podge to the entire thing to seal it up…It goes on white and as it dries it disappears to a nice glossy finish!   The podge puts a nice durable seal over the paint so that daily use and cleaning will not rub the finish off of it!
Once it dried I put the knobs on, and this cabinet is ready to deliver to the cowboy!  He is going to put the dividers in the drawers and use it to house his CD collection!   He has no idea that I am making this for him.  I just know he needed a new space to store his music collection, and that he had mentioned that if I should be out and about junkin’ to keep him in mind!
The sections in the drawers are just the right size for CD cases!
I think it will go very nicely in his house…and will compliment the crate tables that I made for him!
Are you ready for the big reveal????    Here it is:
You guys have NO idea how hard it was to get a good shot of this table today!   I definitely will not be seeking employment in the photography field!   I am just learning how to use this new camera…and well…lets just say…the curve is wide for this girl’s learning!  ha ha!
I did the back in case he decides to float it in the middle of a room some time…

Both sides also turned out nicely.
VOILA! There it is! It is a faux leather treatment easy enough for a child to do but tough enough for a cowboy!
I sure hope he likes it!   If not…I have a great spot for it in my own house!   hahahaha….like you would expect anything less from me!
So? What do you think? Anyone I have shown it to in person really likes it. One person argued that it was real leather! I think it is a nice change…and will look great in that cowboy’s home. I can’t wait to show him in person…turns out someone showed him a photo…and he’s very excited too!
Until next time…Happy Decorating/Junkin’!
*)*)*)  You should never walk all over someone or take them for granted because the day you need them the most will be the day they will be gone.
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
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Karen said...

Hello Glenda, Happy New Year! I love the cabinet. Only you could make something look so new and perfect. All those drawers will make a wonderful home for a CD collection. He's a lucky fella!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow Glenda ~ What a fantastic job you did and I'm sure 'Cowboy' will love it for housing his CD collection.

You amaze me with all of your creative projects.


Pamela Gordon said...

That looks really awesome! You are so clever. I think the cowboy will love it. Have a beautiful week!

Lona said...

Well I am amazed Glenda! Although I do not know why. You always come up with such great redo's. It does look so much like leather. When I get tried of things they usually just go out into the spare room. LOL! You just make yours look all new. I love it!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Looks fantastic!! I remember using a technique similar to this in Art Class in High School on a bottle to create that leather look.
I am not sure if i wished you a Happy and Helathy New Year yet. So there was my wish for you!!