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Monday, November 15, 2021

If The Walls Of This Old House Could Tell A Story…The Bathroom In The 108 Year Old House

For WEEKS now…I have been sharing a project that I am so very proud of with you all.  If anyone had asked me if I was capable of doing something like this 2 years ago, I would have laughed at them and said NO!   It has been a labor of love…of gigantic proportions…and I have enjoyed every minute of it so far.
Those who are new to this series are probably wondering what is the project I am referring to?   It is the inside of this old house of course!!!

Up to this point I have shared before photos…small bedroom photos….kitchen photos…living room photos…master bedroom photos…stairwell/staircase photos…all of which have shown huge changes…but today you are about to see the start of the biggest change in the house…the most original Tootsie Change that I have ever had the chance to do.

The house is owned by my very own Cowboy…He had been wanting this house to be fixed up for years…but really didn’t have any encouragement, help or ideas as to what it should look like.   Then…I arrived on the scene and BOSSED that boy ALL around…(hee hee…just kidding…)  I arrived, and fell in love with the house.  When he mentioned that he wouldn’t mind making the old house where he and his siblings grew up live-able again…I was ALL over that!   My imagination went to work…and we have shocked and amazed all who have walked through the door since we started.

Today I am going to show you  the beginning of my favorite room in the house.  The Bathroom.   This room was such a fun project…The Cowboy was nervous I am sure when I told him of my plan, but he was also excited as it was something no one else in this area has, and he had never seen anything like it.

I ALMOST skipped this post and went straight for the finished room…but there is so much that went into the making of this space, that I didn’t want to miss one detail..and let me tell you …there are details…loads of them...and they are good ones!

Lets get started.
I didn’t manage to get a photo of the original bathroom…but you should probably be happy that I didn’t.   It wasn’t pretty.   I did however, happen to get a photo of the fixtures that were in there when we got busy working in this house.   There you have them…all robins egg blue and chipped, rusted and GROSS!
BeFunky_002 (2).jpg
This is what it looked like after we took out the tub, toilet, sink and other odds n ends that were in there.

This photo was taken before we put the living room panels back on the wall.  Cowboy had some electrical to do before we closed  it off again.  He also had to build a false wall where you see the black pipe going up the wall…so the bathroom just got a little smaller…
Once the false wall was built, and insulated…we did the wood planks on all of the walls of the new bathroom.  The floor boards were not in good shape to be painted or used in the décor, AND we had a little plan made for the shower…so he also added a false floor to the room…complete with a little raised area where the shower would be.
Lookin’ good so far!   I absolutely love the planks done in the rusty vinegar treatment.

While I was waiting for the Cowboy to finish putting the floor down, and put the electric in, and the TOILET…(yay) and the rest of the plumbing…I decided to address the PINK door that is part of the current décor!
It’s just NOT going to work in this color…that is pink… and I am pretty sure that PINK is not rustic, or manly, or even an option for this house in any way shape or form…especially NOT on the bathroom door!…

So…I got to work.

I took it outside on a warm, sunny, fall day in September…I layed it on it’s back and spread paint stripper all over one side at a time.
Years and YEARS of paint quickly began to curl up and show itself on the door.   I spent an entire afternoon stripping this door completely down to it’s plain wood beginnings.
The stripper worked like a charm.   Almost every speck of paint was gone!

All it needs now…is a little rust treatment to make it mesh with the rest of the house!

I will do that as soon as the Cowboy comes outside and cuts the bottom of the door down so that it fits into the new bathroom!

 I put one coat of rusty vinegar on the door…let it dry and applied another.
BeFunky_006 (2).jpg
It looks sensational!   We both love the way it looks!

Next up…the “tub”…the beginning of the most fun part of this room.
One day while we were out picking up supplies for the house renovations, I steered my Cowboy towards the livestock section of the store.   I showed him this feed trough.

You should have seen his face when I first suggested that this would be his new bathtub!!!   hahahaha!   I wish I had had a camera!   He almost looked confused at first…but, when I explained…he had a huge grin on his face…he likes the idea ….a LOT!

Now, my original plan was to have a big old wooden barrel to use as a tub…but we could not acquire one…so my next choice was readily available…and cost us less than $50!

All this baby needs, is a drain….and that will be easy enough to do.

I really wanted the “tub” to be on an angle in the left corner of this photo…but that would make other “features” of this area of the room either awkward, or impossible to do…so I agreed to keep it in the middle of the platform.  
I am LOVING the little ‘tub’!!!

Now I know what you all are thinking…


RELAX guys…it isn’t supposed to be a bathing tub…it is a shower tub.   No one is going to be having long luxurious bubble baths in there…it is a quick shower type bathroom.  This house isn’t going to be a full time living space…it is a weekend, and hunting retreat.   This feed trough is perfect for the scheme that my imagination has cooked up!

My next task, after the bathroom sink was installed was to tackle the floor. 
BeFunky_BeFunky_013 (2).jpg

Very sorry that the pic is so blurry…I used simple peel and stick tiles…the same kind of thing that I used in the kitchen…just a little lighter color.
BeFunky_013 (2).jpg
This is where it’s at so far!

Up to this point…I have touched every single element of this bathroom…every board on each wall…the tub, the toilet, the sink….but I have not touched one surface…and it needs me…
BeFunky_008 (2).jpg
…it needs me really bad.   The ceiling is NOT attractive in any way shape or form.

I needed to come up with an idea to make that just a little less hard to look at…and a little more comfy and warm feeling.
BeFunky_009 (2).jpg
I popped into the hardware store, and picked up one of these babies!   It will be just the right size…and won’t require me to do anything but use it!
I also picked up some of these curtain hangers…and three shower type tension rods.

Then I got busy…
I hung that drop cloth from each of two of the tension rods and installed them at each end of the room….right close up to the ceiling.    I then took the third tension rod and just popped it right there…nice and tight and high in the center of the ceiling.
That hides the ugly..warms and softens the space and looks not too bad!

So far…this bathroom is coming together nicely.

I am so pleased with everything working out without any major complications. 
BeFunky_BeFunky_0143 (2)
I love it!


...I am really tempted to keep sharing the transformation…but this post is already really getting long, AND…The Cowboy, and Grammie figure I should end it at this point.    SO…This is all I am sharing today…BUT…I may be back in a day or two with the rest of the bathroom….You will LOVE what I cooked up “under my hair” (the way we now all refer to my imagination)  :)  

I am so anxious to show you all!!!


Can you kind of see where I am going with this room???

What do you think so far???

Weigh in!

I love hearing what you think!

Until Next Time…Happy Junkin’/ Renovating/ Decorating!

*)*)*)…just remember, You're stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and braver than you believe."

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

If the Walls Of This Old House Could Tell a Story…The Kitchen in the 108 Year Old House.

Over the past month or so, I have been sharing the biggest project I have ever done.  I have been working on a 108 year old house in a tiny little village called Minburn Alberta.   This house is owned by my Cowboy.  It is the house he and his 7 siblings called home since he was born, and it holds a lot of memories for him.
We spent some time discussing what this house used to look like…and what he would like to see it as, after we fixed it all up.   He did not want it to be restored…as he wanted it to reflect his personality today.   So…the plan was made…to renovate and fix up this old house to be a rustic retreat, filled with his rodeo/cowboy memories, hunting trophies and comfortable soothing colors, textures and style.   My Cowboy is one of the most gentle, patient, calm people I have ever met.  His personality is not one of an extravagant man…but one of a hard working simple country boy…with a love of family, nature and a heart of gold.
While I have been diligent in  working on the upper level of the house, fixing and fine tuning two of the four bedrooms, Cowboy has been changing the light fixtures, and repairing/ upgrading the electrical, and upgrading the plumbing to the kitchen and bathroom…he has been doing all the parts of this project that I do not know how to do myself, and/or refuse to learn or attempt to do! 
When my Cowboy finally had enough of “his work” done in the old kitchen, I was able to do some of MINE!  Today I am going to share the kitchen.
Lets get started.
I need to say that my photos are lacking in this room…I was excited to get this done, and simply forgot to take as many shots as I should have.   Bare with me…
This is the kitchen…it is NOT pretty.   In this photo, we have got all sorts of tools and supplies laying around…there is a lot of space in this room.  It has great potential.
The fridge and stove still work, but not reliably. They need to go.  The upper cupboards are not overly functional anymore…and are not going to stay either.
There is the start of a nice big window on this wall.  It will stay, and we will have a window made to fit the space.  That porch, if you remember me mentioning it before, is going to be removed in the spring…so that window will look out onto a deck and into the back yard.  It will be wonderful!
I am sure that the Cowboy won’t miss the pink paint or wall paper in this room…lol
This table has seen a lot of family meals, and has been repaired several times…but will not make the cut.   It will be taken out when we get started on the floors.
The floors…I think this photo pretty much says all that needs saying.  There are nails, lifts, tears and damage all through out the kitchen lino.   It will be removed for sure!
The ceiling is just as bad as the floors…so it will need to be changed.
As you can see…this room will offer a challenge.   It needs a lot of work.
We got started…
OUT goes the old damaged linoleum…revealing…
…and equally ugly tile floor.  
This tile floor would not be removed.   It would serve as a base for something much nicer…and more comfortable.
BeFunky_014 (3).jpg
There!   That’s much better!  It is just simple peel and stick tiles from the hardware store.  They were inexpensive and will do what we need them to do!  They will also look great with the wall treatment we decided on.
The walls…are being covered with an overlay of 1x6 spruce boards!   They are treated with the same “brew” of rust, vinegar, baking soda and black tea, that I used on the dresser that I re-dressed to fit into this house.     I brushed the mixture onto each board one at a time, and let them dry.   Once they were dried enough, they were cut and pieced onto the walls to create a wonderful rustic look!
We originally wanted them to look like old barn board…but this is what we got.   We both love this look and decided that it would be a nice treatment for the ceiling too….
So…I got busy and did more walls, and the Cowboy did the ceiling and the remaining walls.  We are very happy with the look.
Now…the cupboards…
We ripped the top cupboards out…removed the old appliances…and finished the wall with the wood treatment.
Where the old appliances and upper kitchen cupboards used to be, I put up plank shelving.  These will be on the walls on either side of the kitchen window, and will hold all kinds of wonderful things. 
My Cowboy installed a couple of new light fixtures, and we are almost ready for furniture!   All that remains, is to put some finishing touches to the wood walls…and clean up the mess that construction seems to create in spite of how careful we try to be!  lol
That’s all I am going to share for today…I can’t hardly wait to share the finished room…it is SO perfect!  I also have lots of great photos!  lol 
Stay tuned…the next chapter of this project is about to get VERY cozy!

Until Next Time…Happy Junkin’/ Renovating/ Decorating!

*)*)*)… True giving and asking for nothing in return.

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Monday, September 27, 2021

If The Walls Of This Old House Could Tell A Story…The Saddest Chapter Is About To End.

Hey guys!   I'm here today to re-publish the series many of you know as the 108 year old house series.   It was originally published 8 years ago and shares the story of how the Cowboy and I began our journey to restore/ renovate the old house we have in a tiny town in Alberta Canada.   There is a wonderful reason for refreshing your memory of this process ....we have finally gotten back to work and it is so exciting!

So...sit back, enjoy the next few posts and get ready for the next stage in our journey to revive the old girl. 

Have you ever gone for a drive and focused your attention to the old homes in your area?   Some of them are so grand…and others humble.  Some, when you look at them, almost scream with happiness and pride, and others look sad and forlorn.  If these houses could tell a story, I bet every one of them would have a sad chapter or two within. 
My Cowboy owns a property about an hour from where we live in a TINY little village called Minburn Alberta.  The population of Minburn is at best 75 people.   This property is where he and his 6 brothers and 1 sister grew up.   The old place holds a LOT of memories for my Cowboy, and it has a very special place in his heart. 
About 15 years ago, my Cowboy’s mom decided that she had lived there long enough and moved to a little larger community in Northern Alberta.   It was at that time, that my Cowboy, (the youngest child of the family) decided to purchase this place from his mom.  He had a plan that he would fix it up slowly, and use it as a weekend project place.
Life is hectic…work, kids, rodeos and life made time of the essence and the empty house stood alone for the better part of those 15 long years…and those lonely years took a toll on the place.  Members of the family occasionally would stop by the place to drop off unwanted items…and eventually it started to look a little dumpy.
Last year, when my Cowboy and I started dating, he took me to his old stomping grounds.   I noticed how sad he seemed when he looked at the place…he even mentioned knocking her down, and either leaving the enormous lot empty, or putting some sort of mobile home on it.   Now, if you know me, you know how much I LOVE a challenge…and if it involves junkin’ of any kind…I’M ALL IN!   This old lady does not deserve to be knocked down…she needs to be Tootsified!   It took a little talking, and encouraging, but that is just what is happening! 
I would like to now introduce you to the Cowboy and  Tootsie’s BIGGEST junkin’ project EVER!…and my Cowboy’s childhood home:
This house 116 years old!   She is sound, and pretty much solid as a rock.  The roof doesn’t even leak…(this surprised me as it needs to be re-shingled in the worst way!)  
There is no way my Cowboy should knock down this old lady…She is just way too pretty to send to the dump.  
I adore the little balcony on the upper level…I NEED to stand out here and enjoy the view!
I have a plan…and it’s a big one…that will take a lot of elbow grease and determination…but I do have a plan…and I am absolutely going to see this old house brought back to a beautiful state!   I can’t wait to see my Cowboy smile when he comes here…I hate that sad look he gets in his eyes.
The original house is all covered in ceramic tile shingles…there is a nasty addition on the back there…which will eventually have to go…but can stay for now.   It will become our workshop as we tackle the HUGE undertaking of  fixing up the inside of this house!
We started in the summer of 2012.   We worked on the yard all summer long.  
The following photos are what we started out with AFTER we mowed down the tall grass. 
Cowboy had been paying someone to mow the lawn there…but that person did not take much pride in the job, and slowly the place got over grown and awful!   It took us a long time to get that enormous lot mowed properly!
This is just a portion of the yard…the west side of the yard. 
There is the the east half!  That old skinning shack will be burned this winter. 
This is the back portion right close to the house…
The trees are everywhere…there are some very pretty private areas in this yard…
I am in heaven in such a place…the possibilities are endless …my imagination is getting a great work out!
We worked about 6 days each month last summer getting all the scrap cleaned out of the yard…and thinning some of the Caragana bushes and overgrown Poplar trees thinned out, dead branches pulled, and the tall grasses pushed back to the property line.  
The whole family got involved…me, kids and cowboy…we all worked our little fingers to the bone…but ended up with a beautiful yard to enjoy our visits in…
It looks SO much better now:
I have some flowers in mind for this place…
I have a lot of plans for the whole yard…I just need the time to do it!  lol
When the winter came, I took the opportunity to chat up that Cowboy about the potential inside this old house!   All my chatter and encouragement worked.   I had a bunch of ideas on file, and showed him lots of them…I also kept some to surprise him with when he goes away to work and I am on my own in the project!   I really wanted my Cowboy to restore this old lady. 
To my absolute delight, when spring arrived this year, we got busy and started to work on this place.  We decided to start to work on the inside of the 108 year old house first, and then tackle the outside next year.   If we fix up the inside a little bit, we can spend the night here and not have to drive the 60 minutes home after a long day.  It is finally time to take this old lady from her sad sad look…to something much more inviting…something comfortable, and happy.
Come along with us, as we dive right in and start one of the biggest junkin’ adventures I have ever been on.   We are re-purposing, and salvaging, and creating in every room of this old house.   It is going to be a most enjoyable journey…and I can’t hardly wait to share each time we get a little more done!
Stay tuned for some absolutely scary interior photos of the old lady before the Cowboy and I got our grubby little hands on her!   She is going to end this most saddest chapter of her life, starting NOW.
Until Next Time…Happy Junkin’!
*)*)*) Beauty catches the attention, personality catches the heart <3

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