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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Tasks: The Greenhouse In September

Many greenhouse growers use their greenhouses for a short period during the warmer months of the year, but there are a small percentage of us that grow year round!
This month by month outline will share what tasks may need to be done year round.
Keeping in mind that I garden in Alberta Canada, (zone 2) the outdoor growing season is from mid to the end of May until the hard frosts take my gardens in mid to late September or early October. If your climate is a bit milder than mine, you can adjust your greenhouse schedule to suit your climate.
This schedule is made for a plan to plant outdoors in Mid to late May.
September is the month when we begin to see the change from summer over to autumn. The days are slowly getting shorter and the nights are cooler. Most of our plants are still actively growing this month, but the cheerful blooms that made up our colorful displays are beginning to decline as the days go on.
We run the risk of frost in the overnight this month and we need to start to move some of our more tender plants into the the greenhouse from the garden to ready them for the winter. Even with the warms days still upon us, September is a good month for us to prepare for the cooer winter months ahead.
In September I do the following tasks in my greenhouse:
*Check the heating system to ensure that it is in good working order and does not require any repairs. We may need to use it this month if the night time temperatures dip below the freezing point.
* This is a very good month to clean and disinfect the greenhouse in order to prepare for the moving in of the tender plants that we want to over winter indoors.
* Keep a watchful eye on the temperatures inside and outside this month. During the day, we will want to keep our vents open to avoid overheating the greenhouse plants. At night, or during those inevitable cold snaps, all vents will need to be closed to retain some of the sun’s warmth.
* Just as the need for ventilation begins to taper off this month, so does the chore of damping down. Only spray the floors and the staging down if necessary on the warm days, but make sure that you get this task done before mid day, to ensure moisture and fungal issues do not arise.
* This month you will want to remove much of the shading that was installed earlier in the spring months, as maximum light illumination is of the utmost importance. Keep some shade, however, for those shade loving plants such as ferns that will reside inside the greenhouse.
* If necessary fumigate the greenhouse with a fungicidal smoke this month…
* Get ready to move those tender plants into the greenhouse from the gardens! Plants that are not frost hardy can be irreparably damaged by one sharp frost. Make sure they are free from pests before taking them inside though!
* If you are feeding your gardens and container plants, it is a good idea to begin to slow this practice down as many of our plants are beginning to go dormant for the winter this month. Feeding them would be a waste of time.
* Check your stock of supplies such as pots, soil, plant food, bulbs etc. and replenish what is low.
* Don’t forget to update your garden journals!!! Continue to take lots of photos to remind yourself of the things you do and do not like for future reference!
* maintain those clean conditions in the greenhouse…this will help prevent problems!!
* Enjoy the last days of the summer in your gardens and greenhouse while we wait for fall!
I will see you again in October with more greenhouse tasks!
What tasks do you do for the month of September in your greenhouse?
Until next time….Happy gardening!
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