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Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Bickering Builders Build aTree Fort?


Thanks for stopping by, and a Very Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all of my Canadian readers!

Today I am excited to share one of the projects that has been in the works now for a few days…The Tree Fort.

Yup…I said a FORT.

This is the story of the ‘Bickering Builders’.

My Cowboy  (bickering builder #1) is really just a large kid…and he knows how kids think.  He likes to play…and build…and really likes to give my youngest  (bickering builder #2(Busy) and her little friends (bickering builders #3 & #4) a very hard time about Boys…and just about anything else that will get their dander up.  haha.   So…when he noticed that Busy and her bestie were doing their best to build a fort in the trees out back, he decided to give them a hand.

At first, he was telling them that he was building himself a fort even better than theirs, and that his fort would have a NO GIRLS allowed sign on it.   BUT…that didn’t last, and the plan was struck to build the BEST tree fort EVER for Busy and her little friends to hang out in.

So..they set off down the path that we have been working on  through the trees for the quad and the ‘little truck’ to go through…bickering about this and that, in search for  a perfect spot.
Treehouse 1
After a little bickering…okay…who am I kidding here…a LOT of bickering… they decided that this looks like a perfect site for a tree fort... right?  
Treehouse 2
They needed to stake it out…and bicker, measure and plan and bicker and scheme…and bicker…did I mention that my Cowboy and my Busy are always bickering?   Ya…but it’s not a serious bickering…they try to get each others goats…but it's all in good fun…STILL…to the outsiders…it’s bickering …and it requires a lot of tylenol sometimes for this old gal.   haha

SO…How does one build a tree fort if there are no trees on the spot they chose?
Treehouse 3
They bicker and argue until they find a couple of good ones…and chop them down….
Treehouse 6
Treehouse 4
They dig a few holes…and plant those logs into them…(still bickering about how to do it.)
Treehouse 5
…Making sure to bicker and argue about who’s working harder the whole time…(or it’s just not fun!)
Treehouse 7
OH MY WORD!!   The tree fort is going to be RAISED UP off the ground????    OH MY!   This is where the mother gets a little skeptical…I just don’t know about this…
treehouse 8
Making sure it’s level…and bickering about that too…ha ha
Treehouse 9
I wonder if she is excited?   It’s no wonder that she waits desperately for the Cowboy to come home from work…he’s one of her absolute favorite playmates.   Those two are always doing something silly and fun…but I think this is the best project yet.
Treehouse 10
One base frame done.

Now what? 

More bickering? 

More calling each other Grandma and Grandpa??? 

ha-ha  Yup.
Treehouse 11
The Bickering Builders put on a floor.
Treehouse 12
While the older one got the walls ready to assemble…the younger one secured the floorboards.
Treehouse 13
HEY!!!!   That’s MY drill!
Treehouse 14
SOMEHOW the Bickering Builders roped me into helping put up the walls…and gave the camera to big sister to take all kinds of embarrassing photos (none of which will ever see the light of day)…and one or two that cold be shared.
Treehouse 15
So far SO GOOD!!!    Even I am getting excited!
Just after this photo was taken, I had to run to town quick to pick up some head ache medicine and a couple of helpers…and when I got back…to my surprise…
Treehouse 16
The Tree Fort was DONE!!!   Just in time for the Thanksgiving LONG weekend off of school!!!   YAY!

Slide and all! 

The Bickering Builders had accomplished what I thought was next to impossible…and neither of them were injured…AND they are still the best of friends!

The girls had found this ‘slide’ out in the bush when they were exploring one day…and they just HAD to have it. 

I think that the bullet holes in it just add to the rustic charm of the place don’t you agree?
Treehouse 17
Move in time…The extra helpers were absolutely delighted to see the fort was ready to decorate!  Everyone grabbed a pop and headed for the fort.
Treehouse 18
Some VERY happy faces.
treehouse 19
These girls raided MY stash of spare tables and chairs…and got to work.  
Treehouse 20
It was like watching an episode of Divine Design!   ha-ha
Treehouse 22
Comfy chair and... a coat tree…?
Treehouse 23
They built themselves a shelf…and isn’t that my drill again???
Treehouse 26
They invited me up…which wasn’t a big deal…I do ladders quite well…
Treehouse 25
It was the getting out that had me a little worried.

I did it…but can honestly was COLD.   ha-ha
Treehouse 24
These ladies even talked the head builder into building them a swing…which the next day turned into a double swing…and there was some talk about a zip line...but I think that was put on hold for now.
treehouse 21
It’s not hard to tell that my Cowboy made three little ladies VERY happy with this fort.   Good Job Cowboy!

The decorating is not quite finished…there will be a curtain type door…and a few other odds n ends in there…but for now they are happy as can be!

That evening, it was quite chilly outside…but those girls wanted to spend as much time as they could in that fort…so they bundled up, took flashlights, and their Cowboy (you know for protection from Moose and Bunnies) and hung out for just a little while...then they played hide and seek in the dark…and headed into the house.   Big sister and I were there too…but we didn’t have near as much fun as the three bickering builders.

That’s all for me today…Until Next Time….

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

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