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Monday, May 27, 2013

Back Yard Renovation…part 1 An Evening Of Demolition

Remember the old shed that was in the yard when I moved here?  I cute-ed it up with flowers…

I am sure you do…I also know you will remember the Red Neck Shed Move post…  Man was this bugger heavy!!!  That was also the day I introduced you to my cowboy…  we sure did have fun that day!

Well…  One evening last week, GRAMMIE decided that it was about time that this moldy old shed would go!   Those who know her…know that when my mother decides something…  its done.  She does NOT mess around.
With her mind made up…  she grabbed Grampie, and dragged him over to our house…  and got things on the go!

Grampie and my Cowboy got to work straight away… removing the siding and dismantling this old shed.  
We did have high hopes of just dismantling the shed, and putting a new foundation under it…  but sadly…  it is rotten almost everywhere! 
Pretty much the entire structure has to go.

EVERYTHING that was in the shed was moved to my greenhouse!!!
My baby is a mess!

Grammie also suggested that we move this shed too.
I worked SO hard to build the base for this shed to sit on last spring…  and now we are moving it???
It has to be done…  this tiny shed is also going to be leaving the property…  it isn’t functional for us, and it is not terribly attractive…  I will give it to someone who can use it once we build a new one.

The little tin shed was picked up and quickly moved onto the gravel pad.

OH NO!!!  
WHERE are you going Grammie ???? 
These old poops are hard to manage anymore…  they are ALWAYS into mischief…   ESPECIALLY when they appear to be SNEAKING!!!!  
They always say that you get back what you did as a child ten fold…  EXCEPT I am pretty sure they meant with one’s children…  I get it back from my own parents AND my children!  Smile  I must have been very bad in a past life!

BUSTED!!!  She is trying to make off with a birdbath!!!   That thing is made of cement and is HEAVY!
Good thing Grammie is as strong as an OX!   hahahaha!   YEP Grammie…  you are an “OXY” old broad!  Smile
After about an hour and a half of removing the siding and taking the door off, the window out and a few other little things…
It’s time!!!   It’s Time!!!   It’s Time!!!
Cover your eyes!!!
The shed is about to come right down!

Good girl Grammie!
Those boys just lifted that shed up enough…  and boom!!!

It collapsed right onto itself!
Gross hey???  
It was at that point, that Grammie decided that her work here was DONE…  and she loaded up her baby (Grampie) and they went home.  (probably to eat Cheezies and relax a bit)
They left me and my Cowboy to finish the job.

This is a mess. 
It is going to be a big job to finish taking this shed apart.

My Cowboy and I worked on it for a little bit that evening, and when it got late, and we couldn’t make noise anymore…  we went inside for the night.  
On my way inside, I remember thinking to myself…  my yard looks like a photo from one of those hidden object games!

Morning came and we got busy cutting and moving the rotten wood to the gravel pad.  
I just can’t stand the mess!!!

My Cowboy had a pretty good idea that I was freaking out about the mess and decided to light the fire pit for me. 
It was the perfect way to get rid of all that scrap without wrecking up the box of my truck!!!   Besides, the box of my truck and the box of my Cowboy’s truck were both full of garbage and junk that is slated for the garage sale we are hosting early next month!

Burn moldy wood…  BURN!

In just a few short hours, that shed was GONE!

I was left with a LOT of work to do!!!    Between the dog pee patches from the neighbors pets and the dead spot from the shed...
This spot…

…This spot…

…and this spot..(among other things) 
…DESPERATELY need a little Tootsie Time!!!!

I wasted NO time...   I got right to work...   I have a wonderful idea!!

I absolutely cannot wait to show you what I did!!!
Tune in next time for part two of the back yard renovation!

Until Next Time…Happy Gardening!

*)*)*) Don't worry about things you can't control, work on the things you can :-)  

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