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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Branching Out

 Hey everyone!   It's been a while since I have shared.   I have been meaning to update you all on what's been happening here but trying to find time is tricky!

My garden endeavors turned out nicely.   I am very happy with the progress I made this past few months.   I am not, however, happy that in the process I managed to do quite a number on my right shoulder!   For weeks I was in agony and could do very little.   My yard work came to a screaming halt and I was forced to sit and watch as my grass grew and my kids mowed for me!  I wish I had photos to share, but my injury made me a tad cranky and I never got around to taking any.   I will make it a point to take lots next spring/summer.  

Covid has changed the way my company does business this year as all of my really good markets were I still have my products in several retail stores as well as online.   It has been a challenge to keep up with all the rules and new protocols.  

I made thousands of masks, donated a substatial portion of them and was taking orders like a crazy woman for a few months.   Now, masks are the new stocking stuffer, so I have been shipping lots of those as well as the usual clothing items...

When fall came, and I no longer was tempted to be outside...I finished up a bunch of the masks to have on hand, and restocked the clothing, accessory line.   I then stepped WAY out on a limb...

...I turned my attention back to my little company, and I stepped out of my comfort zone just a little bit!  19 8ighty 9ine Clothing House has now become 19 8ighty 9ine Clothing House and Home!

Yes!   I finally got brave enough to expand my product line to include items for the home, and am SO glad that I did!   It's been a great success and I have been super busy filling orders and dreaming up new ideas! 

I now offer several different things that will enhance every home!

This is a few examples of what I am talking about.

There are pillows...of different styles...

There are some dish hand towels....
as soon as I restock these, they seem to sell out!

some table runners and napkins...
also selling out as fast as I can make them!

And some casual blankets!

I have been so very busy!   I am so grateful that I taught myself the skills to do what I am doing...and that I love every minute of it.   Being able to support my family and do what I love at the same time is an absolute blessing.   

I am still designing the ladies clothing and accessory line, and now I'm decorating at the same time. 

As Christmas sneaks up on us again I am excited to be participating in a new store in our little town.   I have rented a decent size space there and many of my designs for home and clothing are displayed for sale in there.   It has been busy in there too so I need to be organized.   I also need to find time to put up the holiday decor, and keep up with my family.  

If you would like to see my complete line of products visit and see what's in stock...what's on sale and shop!!!   (shipping is always free to US and Canada addresses)

So...on that note I am off to my sewing space!



 Until Next Time... Stay Safe...and Healthy!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

This post has been proudly sponsored by 19 8ighty 9ine Clothing House