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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tasks: The Greenhouse In February

Many greenhouse growers use their greenhouses for a short period during the warmer months of the year, but there are a small percentage of us that grow year round! This month by month outline will share what tasks may need to be done year round. Keeping in mind that I garden in Alberta Canada, (zone 2) the outdoor growing season is from mid to the end of May until the hard frosts take my gardens in mid to late September or early October. If your climate is a bit milder than mine, you can adjust your greenhouse schedule to suit your climate. This schedule is made for a plan to plant outdoors in Mid to late May.
In February, in my greenhouse I do the following tasks:
*receive and sort my seed orders by type of plant, and when they will need to be sowed. (a seed bin is a good idea. I use a plastic one that has a lid that locks closed
*purchase permanent marker to label all plants as soon they are sown- do not trust your memory not to fail you! This is a busy time, and things can get mixed up very easily
*make sure to update the greenhouse journal
*continue to fill containers, pots and seed cells with soil in order to be prepared to sow
*Plant the Geraniums and any other seed that needs extra time to mature before planting outdoors
*maintain water levels in my water cans
*inspect remaining plants that were wintered in the greenhouse again to ensure no pests have hatched or arrived to threaten the tiny seedlings you are about to produce
* ensure that the greenhouse remains clean and organized…cleanliness is next to godliness in the greenhouse!
* maintain no less than 10C in the greenhouse and keep the air circulating to avoid disease or fungus! The temperatures in Alberta are often in the –30C or less range…heating is a necessity!
* prepare for extra heat sources if necessary (February can be a COLD month in Alberta)
* prepare for labels (I cut up cheap mini-blinds for this)
*prepare liners for the trays (they sometimes leak and when watering from below, you do not want to lose your water. I use plastic garbage bags cut to size)
*watch our newly planted seeds start to sprout up!
I will see you again in March with more greenhouse tasks!
Do you have a greenhouse journal of some sort? What tasks did you do for February in your greenhouse?
Until next time….Happy gardening!
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