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Friday, August 13, 2021

It's ALL About the SASS!

 Well HELLO THERE!   So glad you popped by today!   

I have something new to share with you...and it's super fun!  I have been one busy girl the last few weeks, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down AT ALL!   I am NOT complaining's a VERY good thing.   Being this kind of busy means my little store is thriving!   Between all of you and my wholesale accounts, I am running!  

Before I get on with things, I want to address a few of the emails I have received since I got back to posting.   I had turned off commenting on this site a few years ago for several reasons.  1.  I don't like spam.   2.  I am not here for people to use my comments to advertise their own  businesses on.   3.  I am not interested in abuse, drama or nasty comments from those who are selfish, unhappy, hateful or over confident in their ability to spread negativity!   4.  I don't do politics, and don't appreciate those who try to make EVERYTHING political.  Yes, these things have been an issue at some point.     That said, because several of you have asked me to, I am turning on the comments, but having them moderated so I can spare you all from seeing things that don't belong.   SO...if you write to me, and it doesn't appear immediately, it is just waiting for me to approve it...don't panic!   I will publish them as soon as I get the chance!

Over the last several months, I have actually begun stocking 90% of the inventory in a very busy store in Saskatchewan Canada, and have lines in several others.   I am loving every second of my life and it is amazing.   Those of you who have followed for a while will remember a time where I thought I would never be happy again.   I am the perfect example of no matter how dark it is right now, there is always a bright light coming if you just keep going!

Let's get to the good stuff!

I have been tossing this next idea around in the back of my mind now for a few weeks, and decided that it was time I tried it, tested it and perfected it, so I did...and it worked!  So without further adieu...I'd like to introduce the newest line in my store!  You know...I never realized how sarcastic and silly I could be until I bought the equipment to expand my business...Ha Ha!   I am having SO much fun with it now!

Introducing....Vintage Sass With Class Glassware & China!

Yes...YES!   I did say Vintage.   What does that mean?   Well...many of the sayings are "recycled", "iconic" sayings.   Some of the dishes and glassware is also vintage.   Not all has been used, but much of it is.  Check it out:

This tea cup and saucer set is one I have had in my collection for a while.   It is about 14 years old, but it has never been used!  I decided that it was time to pull it out of the cabinet and share it with the world, so I added a couple decals.  

This set is in my store and is $25.99 CAD.

This one is MY favourite.   I love these plates...they are not your usual plate.   They have ridges and details, and are just so pretty!   These are available in my store for $19.99 each


Vintage China Dinner Plates...will be added to the site soon!


Vintage Platters...$32.99


What?...sometimes a girl has a bit of snark, but is too much a lady to say it out loud! This one is also  $24.99

These and several more...including a beautiful silver plated bone china tea pot with very cheeky saying ...and coordinating cup and saucer are available!   I am having a whole lot of fun mixing Sass and Class custom pieces and some for my store.   

So?   Do any of these suit your mood?  lol   What's your favourite catch phrase?   I'd love to hear about it...Just know, if it is fabulous I may put it on a plate... or two! (wink wink)

That's it for me today!   I'm off to get some work done!  Leave me a note and maybe even inspire me! If you should wish to purchase anything you see here today...hit me up!   leave a note, email me, visit my store...I'm not fussy. 

  Until Next Time...Stay Sassy but be Classy!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


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Monday, August 9, 2021

This is Anything BUT Cheesy.


Hello AGAIN!   It feels SO good to be back trying to post again!   Today I am super excited to share my latest!  If my post is a little scattered, it is because I am multitasking.   As I wait for my machines to finish (for my product line) I am posting.  It is also 5AM.   My day started 2 hours ago.   Yes...I am up before dawn for two reasons.   One...the Cowboy had to leave super early to travel to work.   Two...It is supposed to be another hot hot hot day here and I will be using heat presses, ovens and irons again today, so I like to work when it's cool outside and in.   Here in Alberta, air conditioning is a waste of money.   We don't generally have HOT weather for more than a day or two at a time.(except this year where it's been nothing but HOT  lol)    Bare with me.   By the afternoon I should be exhausted!

Lets get on with it.   You guys are about to see what makes a girl like me swoon...I am SO excited.  

The other day I was running a few errands with my "Miss Busy" (AKA Ashlyn) who is now a 16 year old girl who on occasion will go shopping with her mother, but in general she prefers the company of other 16 year old girls...and boys...and they REALLY like to drive around endlessly.  (insert eyeroll here)

Anyway...I ended up in a little  store owned by one of my friends.   She ALWAYS has what the Cowboy and I call 'the good stuff'.   Her dad has a fairly good stash of antiques and what we consider REALLY  good junk that he will on occasion bring into Angie's shop to sell.   When I know he's added new stuff, I rush over to check it out and I rarely am disappointed.  Angie often laughs at my excitement over what she considers ridiculous junk.    Did I mention Angie's daughter is also 16 and is Miss Busy's best friend?

A few days ago I got the tip off that she had new stuff...and I dropped everything, grabbed Miss Busy and we headed over to the shop.   I wasn't in there 2 minutes and I was squealing with excitement!   

I love containers...wooden boxes...crates...anything that I can arrange things in to make displays...but never have I had the chance to buy a round crate until this day.   Did I mention I was excited?   Well that's an understatement!   Not only did I find an old wooden barrel, and an old grape box, but I found a wooden Christmas orange box!  ....and ...AND I found an antique round wooden cheese box!

I did not know Japanese oranges came in wooden boxes!   The Cowboy is only a few months older than I am and he said he remembers this...I do not.   So...I am enjoying this one!

It will most likely not get changed in any way, but will become fun storage in my work room.   Have I mentioned that I LOVE boxes and canisters, and containers of all sorts?   Ya.   I have always loved to be organized, and pretty storage containers are an obsession of mine.   I probably have enough canister sets in my possession to outfit an entire apartment building.  Definitely not something my kids needed  to purchase as they struck out on their own.  (insert eye roll from them here lol)

anyway...back to the good stuff....

Angie  told me what she knew of these pieces.   When he was a young man, her grandfather started a grocery store in Hudsons Bay Saskatchewan.   These boxes were saved when he received shipments.   They have been around for decades.   The grocery store business was good to the family.   Eventually, Angie's dad took over for his dad, and then Angie and her husband kept the business in the family and own it to this day.   The barrel, grape box, orange box and cheese box were on display in the store for years.   They have done some changes and no longer needed as many so here I am!   Playing up a storm.

I love grape boxes.   I already have several.   My favourite is one from inside the old house we have and are working to renovate.   I found it in the attic a few years ago.   I have it sitting on my dining room table.   I just picked up a three small flower arrangements and plopped them in it,   I also have a coffee cup in the back that holds pens and paper for quick notes.   The two at the front hide the ugly from the cup of pens, so it works perfectly for us!   There is another one that I hung on the wall in the old house in the bathroom.   It works as a rustic shelf for decorative antique medicine bottles.  

I decided to find out a little bit more about my most beautiful find. The round cheese box.    From what I can tell, this box is most likely from between 1930-1950.   Cheese boxes were originally a tool used for transporting cheeses in branded boxes with lids.  The brand on this one seems to be Swift Canadian Co.   I tried for several days to learn about the Swift Candian Co. in Yorkton Saskatchewan, but there was nothing at all that I could find about them online.   Obviously there was  a creamery there, as it says so right on the box, but I could find nothing. 

Round cheese boxes  were first used in 1890 to ship cheese from Europe. These boxes were typically made of maple, ash, or hickory sides which were nailed to pine wood pieces on the top and bottom. The wood was usually printed with the name of the farm or factory and the type of cheese. The box helped protect the cheese from tipping over during transport.

...And now it's MINE MINE MINE!  

Did I mention all the eye rolling Miss Busy did when her mother was excitedly rushing to the till with her treasures?   Oh yes...she was...and still is.  (She was texting Angie's daughter probably looking for someone to rescue her)  

I adore this piece and can't wait to find the perfect location in my house to show it off.   I did consider placing it in the Cowboy's office, but decided that it just didn't mesh with all of the taxidermy and trophy heads he has hanging all over the place in there.   (ya...I am not overly crazy about all the dead things he has in there...but I love that man, and he doesn't complain that my little business takes up a lot of space in our house,  so he can have them.   And... as long as I don't have to touch any of them...I'm a happy girl)  

The lid removes easily, and it is clean and odor free...I can't wait for inspiration to hit and the perfect spot to reveal itself!   It's quite large...I could put one of my bigger sergers in it to store...or a huge silk flower arrangement...I just can't decide.

That's it for me today!   I'm off to get some work done!   I am making some fabulous new giftware pieces to add to my line today!   

Do you have any round cheese boxes?   What did you use them for?    Inspire me!!! 

  Until Next Time...Happy Junkin!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


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Wednesday, June 30, 2021


 Well LOOK at me GO!   Two posts in a row!  I may be on a roll here, but don't get too little business is really picked up a lot over the last few months and I have VERY limited amounts of time to do much else.  

This post might get a little long...but it's mostly I think we can handle that!

I recently expanded my business to include other brand names, that I can add decals to, or sell as is!   It was a very good move for me, as it buys me a little time to get my hand made stuff stocked up and ready to sell.   The biggest issue for me is time.   I am crazy picky about the items that I sew.   I refuse to put my brand on some 1/2 ass crooked seamed thing that will look like a rag after just one wash.   So I make sure my seams are straight, and everything looks great before each thing hits the line.   

I thought that today, since I have a few minutes before I need to go ship the orders that I have completed and it is hotter than Hell outside, (and it's not a healthy thing to be out there)  I would share some of my new line with you.  

First...if you are new to Tootsie Time, you may not know that I have another little business.   

I call it 19 8ighty 9ine Design.   It's my baby.   I have been nurturing and expanding this little shop for about 6 or so years now.   

It started out as me teaching myself to sew and making just boot cuffs and some leg warmers, and then it grew into scarves too.   Then, one day,  I decided to really teach myself some skills and expanded into ladies designer clothing.   I make all my own patterns on wrapping paper and I sew each thing from scratch.   I recently decided to expand into items for the home...such as blankets, curtains, pillows and home accents, and now even more recently I have moved up again to where I am today!  

It's been a fun, frustrating, exhausting process and I am still learning, and loving every minute!   Some days I work for 3 hours, others I work for 20...and others I just do nothing, but every day I end up with a few orders for different things and that is good!   My bills are paid, and I can help my kids when they need a little extra.   I also have my products in several different stores across Alberta and Sask! now you see why I don't really have much time for Gardening, or blogging...

Now ...lets do  a bit of a fashion show for you...

This right here is my MOST popular hand made item.   I have made and shipped HUNDREDS of these wraps, in dozens of colors to 5 different countries around the world!     They are just so perfect for whatever you want to do.   Sporting events, camping, travelling, shopping, hospital visits...(one woman loves hers for dialysis...another loves hers for her chemo treatments.)   OR just hanging out on the deck in the cool summer mornings or evenings.  They are just so simple to wear and care for that they have become a staple in my line.   I recently released a version that has no scarf, so those who don't want a scarf can enjoy a wrap too!  These wraps come in a variety of colors as well!


Next up I am sharing one of the blankets I make.   I love the new trend of pom poms on household items.   They just add a bit of whimsy!   I don't like that poms poms aren't really all that washable...and who in their right mind wants to hand wash a blanket?!   No one!   So I made my pom pom blankets with REMOVABLE  pom poms!   They have been a smash hit!

This set is one of my favourites!   Not just because it's got a matching pillow...but because it has beautiful texture, simple colors and it functions indoors and outdoors!   You can also ....complete the look by adding a table runner and place mats to match!

Speaking of table runners....




easy care...casual style...perfect!

I use these all over my house...

Then there are the towels...They match the runners...and the place mats...and they are perfect in any room!   I have some in the bathroom to dry wet fingers, in the kitchen to dry the dishes, and I even used a set in my kitchen window as curtains!


I adore the casual style of these place mats!   I also have some matching cloth napkins, and some coasters to match this style.   

I mentioned that I make some blankets....

I struggle to keep the blankets in stock too.   They are all quite popular.   

I have had so many changes happen in my little business over the last year or two...It is exciting to have expanded so much.   The following are some of my newest additions to my company.

If you know know I can be a tad sarcastic at times...and to my surprise...Sarcasm SELLS! lol

This Yellowstone reference tshirt was a request by a store that carries my has been popular with Trudeau, Biden, Kenney...and a few other politicians names on it.   The photo does not necessarily reflect my view or's just to show you what I do.   
(yup...I got a bit of flack for that shirt...and the #allracksmatter one too ) ugh

I have been having an absolute blast with making the decals to put on the tshirts and hoodies.   I have done several custom decals now including a curling team logo and  put on hoodies.   It has been extra crazy!   

THIS...has been HUGE!   It's a hoodie with a lined drink holder!   They are not easy to find in these parts, and I had gotten in an order of 50 of them in various sizes.   I made my product shot and shared it and within 3 hours it was sold out!   
I searched far and wide for another supplier, as my original one was not restocking for a while, and I finally found these are set to arrive in a few weeks...and I am waiting impatiently for them to come.   If YOU want one, head to the website and order it up now.   They absolutely won't last long once they arrive. 
They will be here in time for me to get them ready for the fall/winter/christmas rush.   Until then, I will be working on tshirts and hoodies and wraps and blankets and whatever else pops into my head, and gets ordered up by my fabulous customers! you can see...there is a REASON I have been kinda MIA for the last while.   I have been one busy girl between my business, my children, my grand child, my cowboy (who is SO incredible and supportive... plus kinda cute too lol) and my house...I don't get much for free time anymore!   
I am secretly glad I don't have a greenhouse right now, and I have put a hold on the plan to build a new one this year.   I just can't add anything new to my plate until I either figure out a system to stay WAY ahead of things, or I hire some help.   
One day...I will be digging in the dirt in a greenhouse again...just not right now.

Well...That's it for me for a few days...I hope you all will pop over to my business website and see what else I have available!   To get there click on any photo, or click here

 Until Next Time...Happy Shopping!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

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