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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Please! Don’t Ride That Bike On My Mantle!

I have already shared the updates to the fireplace on the main floor of my house.  I am very happy with how they turned out…but I have to say…there is another fireplace in my house…that was just screaming for some attention.  It lives in the basement of my house, in the family room, and… it is even more in need of help than the one on the main floor. 

Take a look:
EEEEEEK!!!!I wasn’t exaggerating was I?   Not one bit.  I bet Santa would be terrified to jump down this chimney!  This poor thing is just screaming for me to help it!   There is a lot on this baby that…well…lets be honest here…we are all friends right?   There is a LOT about this fireplace that just simply HURTS MY EYES!   UGLY is something I totally cannot live with..  I just can’t wait to camouflage some of that UGLY!
I decided that since most of the colors in my entire house are similar, the best thing would be for me to use the same paint that I did on the main floor fireplace…that way I could easily interchange some of the furnishings from the main floor to the family room if the whim should strike me!   So I got busy…
I put on my bestest outfit and started to paint…that cement seemed to soak up everything I put on it…and it took me a very long time to finish…but it was worth every minute!
I am so happy that the paint calmed the crazy that was happening before!
Now for the best part…I have been junkin’ and found an absolutely fantastic piece…I can hardly wait to put it up on the mantle!  It is going to be perfect in this room!

What???   Why do you laugh at me???   This is not funny…this is gorgeous!   I can’t believe you scoffed at me!   Trust me…would ya???

I found this bike just sitting on a pile of scrap metal waiting for me to love it!   The lady who gave it to me looked at me like I was smoking drugs when I asked for it…ha-ha!   I bet she is going to be impressed when she sees what I did with this beauty!

I don’t know about you…but I am loving it!
The rest of the room???  Funny you should ask…I am not sharing it just yet…’cuz…I have decided to make a few changes to the furniture in the space…nothing major…just a few little things.   I am almost finished…just  tweaking it a bit... 
…so you will just have to wait!
**  don't forget to keep reading...there are several more posts below of what I have been doing...including some great how-to's!  I have been busy sharing all that I have been up to!**

Until Next Time…Happy Decorating!

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