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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Yellow Door…Stands Alone

Hey!!!  Welcome!   I am so glad you stopped by today!  I am working on a few little things here and there from my junkin’ stash…and today I am sharing one of those projects!

Lets get started!

A while back I went junkin’ with my cowboy.   He is a great little junkin’ partner…cuz’ that boy not only loves his junk, but he is strong (and easy to boss around er I mean very sweet and helpful).   Things that would probably take me a long time to remove or take apart…he just pulls a little and it’s done!   Take this door for example…


Yep…ain’t she a beauty?   Well this little ray of sunshine was still attached to a dilapidated old abandoned farm house (owned by a hunting friend of my cowboy….did I mention he is also well connected AND knows where lots of these places are because he is an avid hunter?   Yep….He’s a real junkin’ catch!)   Oh…Ya…I know how badly some of y’all  want to know about my cowboy…but that…is not the topic for today…so FOCUS PEOPLE…FOCUS!   We are talking about that sensational yellow door. 


Now this door is not normal average height…it is a little shorter than your usual bedroom door, or even a closet door.   It WAS the door to the basement of that old house.   The moment I saw it I was smitten….dirt and all…It is gorgeous…don’t you agree?   The only issue with the door…is that some jerk teenagers vandalized the old house it was in…and it got a little black graffiti spray painted on one side….No biggie…right?   Right.  Tootsie can TOTALLY work around a little graffiti!


I brought the door home…and put it in the shed…I had a great little plan for the door…I just needed to get my “aster” in gear and get it done.   I just knew it was going to be lovely!   Well…in the meantime…I mentioned the little yellow door to someone else…She was intrigued…and wanted to see it.

 So…I loaded it up and took it to show her. 

Suddenly….she just NEEDED that little yellow door…MY little yellow door…and she needed it RIGHT NOW! 


There is a little grime on the door…and I was going to take it off, and maybe paint it just a little…but she…decided that she not only loved the yellow chippy paint…


…but she wanted me to leave most of the grime on it!!!  Go figure!



So…I just gently scraped the chippy parts of the door…to show off some more of the colors that are underneath the yellow…and scraped SOME, but certainly not all of the grime off.   I then reached for the brackets in the photo above.

Bet you don’t know what I am gonna use them for!


Yep!!!  I used them for feet!  Two on each side… and the little yellow door stands alone.


How easy is that?   I don’t think it took me half and hour…and I was done scraping and  attaching feet!


I love it!!!

AND since I lent out my little yellow door…and NEVER got it back...and probably never will...I guess this means that my cowboy and I have to go junkin again soon.  

Until Next Time….Happy Decorating/Junkin’ !!

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