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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tea Party For The Birds! (and a how-to)

Over the winter my tea pot bird bath sustained some damage. While assessing said damages, I remembered all the photos I took while making this adorable bird bath. 


There have been many many requests for me to do a show and tell-how to make my tea pot bird baths.  I thought maybe it would be a little easier just to re-share the post, rather than sending a link to everyone.  It also will give my new followers the opportunity to see too!

The photo above is my tea pot bird bath made with a ceramic/terra cotta pot tray...I am not so happy with the terra cotta, as it is porous, and does not hold the s all seeping into the ceramic vase I have it sitting on...(and I sealed it to the vase..gross)

Below is the very first one that I ever is on a plastic tray. I had it until last spring when I knocked it over and broke it! Luckily I had another one in the garage ready to go! I have made 8 of these in this style...(roses) They have all gone to friends that were very excited to have one.


I didn't make these out of my head from scratch! I found the idea in a magazine years was in an advertisement and was VERY pricey. I fell in love with the idea of them almost immediately.

I kept it in the back of my mind for several years....then one day I decided to make one from what I remembered it to look like….It doesn’t look anything like the one I remembered…but…it is mine…and … another "Tootsie Original!”

So...? Is everyone ready to make one? GOOD!

Here's what you will need...


One ceramic tea pot

Two tea cups to match or co-ordinate

One plastic plant pot saucer (to scale with your pot and cup)

One 4-5 inch piece of doweling (for the project I am about to demonstrate...a concrete anchor)

4 washers (if you use the threaded anchor)

 4 nuts (for anchor)

some wire (for added support)

One smaller bolt /two washers and a nut to fit. (to hold tea cup)

marine goop or silicone sealant (must be waterproof)

a masonry drill bit to match the size of your doweling or rod


masking tape

colored plastic bits, or rocks


clear liquid resin and the active ingredient (to make the faux tea)

First you need to gather all materials

got them?


Lets get started!

1. drill hole in the bottom of the tea pot just below the spout. This hole needs to be large enough to fit the dowel.

TIP: putting a piece of masking tape on the ceramic will prevent the drill from slipping and chipping.



2. Drill the same size hole in the rim of the large plastic saucer


3. Attach the doweling ( or in this case threaded rod) to the tea pot (drilled hole) and add the washer and nut to the inside...and the outside.

Tighten and set aside.


4. Drill a hole in the tea cup and saucer to fit the size of screw you will use to hold the tea cup and saucer onto the larger saucer.

Drill same size hole in the bottom of the plastic saucer.

Secure with washers and nuts to fit. Go in through the bottom, that way the nut won't make your base sit all wobbly.


5. Using your wire and the remaining the tea pot onto the plastic saucer.

Secure with nuts. One on the top of the plastic saucer and one under the rim ...and use the wire for added support to help hold the pot in place and not fall forward. We will hide it later.


6. Using the marine goop...seal all nuts, screws and wire....also seal the opening to the tea pot spout to insure that it doesn't become a home to some bugs, or fill with stagnant water...




7. Using the marine goop sealant....attach the lid to the tea pot (so it does not fall off ) and fill the spout of the pot with sealant as well.

(this prevents it from becoming a home for pests such as wasps etc. as well as making sure it doesn't fall off and break!)


8. This step is optional: Following the directions on the resin solution you have purchased....fill cup 1/2 way with colored rocks or gravel....and fill with the epoxy resin (the stuff they sell in craft stores to make paperweights out of ) put spoon in before it hardens, allow to set...and you have a cup filled with tea. (may want to add coloring if you don't have the right color of rocks (also at craft stores))

Filling the tea cup will help weigh the whole thing down, and hold the bolt that holds the cup and saucer in place on the tray.


Once you have filled your cup with "tea" set aside and allow to set.


Have you noticed that it is a cabbage? lol....seriously cute for the garden isn't it?

9. After all is set and secured to your satisfaction place on base that you have chosen....large old vase, pedestal, table, tree stump...etc...and viola! your done!

You don't have to fill the cup with the could use it as a feeder, by adding a little bird seed... or you could fill it with water.

Waiting to see what I suggest for that second tea cup and saucer on the list?

You can drill hole same size as a screw that is about 1 1/2 inches the cup and the cup and saucer to long piece of doweling or post with screw...fill with seed and you have a feeder to place in the flower bed where ever you want....or fill with water...and have a butterfly bath!


So? How did we do?

Wanna see our finished product? convinced it is!



It's missing something!

... hold on....I know what I forgot!....


I couldn't let it go without the raffia ribbon I bought to hide my work!


Okay! That wasn't so hard now was it? And it sure did not cost us a lot of money...the entire project cost me about $40....and that included the resin that we did not use all of!

We can make more if we want to! The one I saw in the magazine was at least 3 times that much!
So...not only did we save money...but making it ourselves makes it mean more!


This one was shipped as part of a giveaway I did back in 2008. It went all the way to Texas!

So? Are you going to make one?

 What theme is your tea pot?

 There are so many wonderful shapes out there…the possibilities are endless!

That’s all for me today…should anyone have a question about the instructions...please feel free to ask...I will get an answer out to you as soon as I can!

Until Next Time…Happy Garden Decorating!

*)*)*)    Imperfection is beauty~ Marilyn Monroe

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

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