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Monday, April 1, 2013

THE HAIR-DO. (A Mom's Memory)

My first two babies are born 17 months apart. This closeness in age makes them a force to recon with. When they were little (age 1 and 2 1/2) they were the best of don't want to talk about now...

Lets get back to the story. 

It was spring...A beautiful spring morning...The sun was shining through the bedroom windows, and the morning was in full progress.

Brayden was a big boy already and was sleeping in a "big boy bed".

Jordan was still sleeping in her crib. She would normally wake up and play quietly with her toys that she had in the crib with her, until someone else was awake to play with her. She rarely had to play alone for long, it was almost like Brayden had radar to tell him when someone else was awake.

Now there is one thing you need to keep in mind while this story plays out.  ALL of my babies are born completely bald.   Yes...BALD....SHINY BALD....They were all born bald and they stayed that way for a long long time. Jordan at this time had FINALLY grown enough hair to have a tiny little barrette in her hair. For me, this was a very big deal. My little lady was finally looking like a princess.

On this particular morning, I was awakened by the sound of not one, but two little voices coming through the baby monitor. It was Brayden and Jordan. They sounded so cute, that I just stayed there and listened to them. Jordan was cooing, and babbling at Brayden, and he was answering her as if he understood every word. I just stayed there in my bed, listening to them talk.

At one point I heard Brayden say that he was washing Jordan's hair.  Brayden never talked like a baby or even a little kid. Right from the first day that he spoke, he was clear and well spoken. He was very easy to understand.  There was NO misunderstanding what he said.  Jordan was not yet talking except for a few words here and there, she was just cooing, enjoying the game.  Brayden was chatting up a storm, and going on and on about her hair being so pretty. I just assumed that he was acting out the ritual that I went through daily when I put her barrettes in.  Still I stayed in my bed listening (with a huge smile on my face,) to the kids playing so sweetly.

The two of them played for several more minutes , with me listening in on them. It was so nice to eavesdrop on them. What a wonderful way to wake up. But as any mom knows, you can't stay in bed and listen to the kids play without the urge to see what is happening coming over you. It was about the time that  I heard Brayden mention more shampoo.   MORE SHAMPOO???   It was about this tine that I decided that I needed to look.

I walked quietly down the hall to Jordan's room. I was ready to peek around the corner and see them playing so nicely and I was tickled pink about how cute they were.

But ....this happy ending was not what I walked into the nursery to see.   Instead I walked in on something completely different.

Brayden had been doing Jordan's hair.

He was combing and rubbing and smearing.

Yes....I said smearing.

He was smearing her head with Vaseline!

Yes I did say it...VASELINE!

Her entire head was covered in Petroleum Jelly.   Brayden had grabbed the tub of Vaseline off of the change table and was using it to "shampoo" his little sister's hair!

Anyone who is familiar with Vaseline or Petrolium Jelly, knows it is greasy. It is hard to wash it off your hands. Imagine the way it is in baby hair! I tried everything from shampoo to dish soap to Tide....and it was still a greasy mess. My beautiful little girl looked like a filthy little grunge baby.

I of course had to wait for it to go away slowly on it's own. It was a mess that I could not clean up.  Those are two things I am not good at doing!   Family Photos were scheduled to be taken very soon!!!!

I invested in several hats for her to wear and waited it out. It took about two weeks to be completely gone. Needless to photos had to be rescheduled.

Well kids...that's my story for today!   I will be back soon to dazzle you again with some of my interior decorating projects that I have been working on, AND some huge updates in the greenhouse!  I can't wait to share!!!....but first, I need to finish up!

Until Next Time!  Happy Easter!

*)*)*)   If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.

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